Farron: May is leading the UK towards a hard Brexit that was never on the ballot paper

Reacting to Theresa May’s Brexit speech, Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said:

Theresa May is leading the UK towards a hard Brexit that was never on the ballot paper. This is a theft of democracy, a presumption that the 51.9% of people who voted to leave meant the most extreme version of Brexit available.

The BBC reports further remarks from Tim:

Lib Dem leader Tim Farron says Mrs May has adopted “Nigel Farage’s Brexit plan” which is bad news for the UK, accusing the prime minister of “waving the white flag across the white cliffs of Dover” regarding single market exit.


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Internal Party Elections – Round 2

This weekend the Federal Board met for the first time. It was great to have such a mix of new talent and experience to drive the party forward.

You may have noticed during the elections to Party committees late last year that there would be a second round of elections to some of our more specialised party committees, not least the Federal People Development Committee and the Federal Finance and Resources Committee.

While all members are invited to seek nominations to these committees (and a variety of other individual posts – see www.libdems.org.uk/internal-elections for details), due to the specialised nature …

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I agree with Nick: “EU must fear havoc from both sides now”

I was surprised when the BBC in its TV news bulletins yesterday (Monday 16th of January) interviewed our Nick Clegg by way of reaction to the infamous Trump interview by Gove and Bild Zeitung. Nick said that Britons and Europeans need to realize that from Trumps Inauguration, Europa has two big powers’ presidents who wish the EU to disintegrate; his words were “who wish the EU ill”.

In a previous posting, I enumerated how Socialist parties in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain have withered away; and how leaders of such parties like Corbyn and the Dutch …

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Reforming the fire service


The LibDems might explore the possibility of a policy of putting the fire service into the independent sector.  There are various models which could be considered.  One is that of the LifeBoats (RNLI), a charity which works under a Royal Charter and is run by volunteers on the front line but with paid headquarters staff. Another is that of mutualisation, the John Lewis model.  The need for reform is highlighted by the practice of firemen taking second jobs, which is not a trope of the  right-wing media but a fact about a self-serving, over-politicised and reactionary labour force.

In November 2015 the Fire Brigades Union re-affiliated with the UK Labour Party due to the union’s backing of the party’s new leader Jeremy Corbyn and his commitment to so-called anti-austerity politics.  John McDonnell, Corbyn’s far-left shadow chancellor, lends the FBU support in Parliament.  The fire service staff have a right to strike which they do not scruple to exercise.

The FBU routinely campaigns not only against financial austerity but Government measures in the field of fire safety.  It may claim to have expertise in such matters but, like the transport unions’ disruptive action purporting to be on grounds of safety, there will always be questions about the credibility of the FBU’s stance.  For example, the FBU has denounced the apparently dangerous policy of not requiring the installing of sprinklers in new schools, but the Government’s own policy on fire safety in schools puts a different complexion on the matter.

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ALDC offer ending: Has your team got a FREE door-knocking tablet?

The latest ALDC offer to grow your team and the number of Lib Dem campaigners across the country, ends on Tuesday 31 January.

The Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors (ALDC) supports Liberal Democrat Councillors and Campaigners across Great Britain. We’re a membership organisation and we provide advice, resources and training to help Liberal Democrats win elections.

Members get a free door-knocking tablet when they recommend ALDC to a friend or colleague, who then joins. So if there are non-members within your team, get them to join us and you can get a free door-knocking tablet.

And non-members, if you’ve been putting off joining us, now’s the time to sign-up and help a fellow member get a free door-knocking tablet.

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The Limehouse Podcast

The Limehouse Podcast has come about through total obsession with both politics and podcasts, the total obsession cannot be completely revealed for risk of losing any hopeful followers. Its name comes from The Limehouse declaration, the birth place of the SDP. It was decided upon whilst the podcast team were sat in a pub (how remarkably unique) awaiting the Richmond park by-election result – an omen if ever there was one. Bobby Dean PPC for Deptford can take the credit there!

We’ve constructed episodes (45-50 minutes long) that are more suited for those with their fingers not totally but somewhat on the pulse of politics. It’s entry level and lighthearted. We’ve got some fantastic interviews lined up from the likes of Norman Lamb, Paddy Ashdown and Nick Clegg. The podcast is divided into various sections. We talk about London issues then move daintily onto a featured interview with the likes of Mr Clegg after which there is a panel discussion about a national issue (NHS, PRISONS etc)  where we then draw the podcast to a close.

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Tim Farron on Gove’s interview with Trump


I expect that many of you will, like me, feel slightly sickened by Michael Gove’s interview of Donald Trump for The Times. Private Eye has a word for it…

Tim Farron has given a robust response:

Michael Gove has had a rare opportunity to put questions to the most divisive and reactionary President Elect in modern history and all we get is a puff piece from a clearly admiring fan.

In the same interview Trump told a German newspaper that NATO is obsolete, it will make for a more dangerous world if this view is strong enough for him to turn down his invite to this year’s summit.

This president warns that helping refugees, saving people escaping the horrors of war, is a bad idea and instead we should be lifting sanctions on Putin despite him backing Assad. This is a man lacking a moral compass who is about to be inaugurated as the President.

He has picked environmental protection and the desire to show compassion to the most needy as good reasons to leave Europe.”

I don’t know the shape of the Europe that Trump dreams of but I know it frightens me.

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