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* Paul Walter is a Liberal Democrat activist in Newbury and West Berkshire. He is Wednesday Editor of Liberal Democrat Voice and blogs at Liberal Burblings.


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  • User AvatarTim13 23rd Nov - 8:42pm
    RC People involved with JSA cannot NOT look for work under the current conditions. Neither can they legitimately turn down inappropriate types of work. If...
  • User Avatartheakes 23rd Nov - 8:29pm
    I'm saying nowt!!!
  • User AvatarTsar Nicolas 23rd Nov - 8:23pm
    @Stevan Rose "There is a difference between cleared and there being insufficient evidence to secure a conviction." No there isn't - at least not in...
  • User Avatarmatt 23rd Nov - 8:22pm
    That's why I believe Mr Cable is the right man to lead the party. I think under the stewardship of Cable he would be able...
  • User AvatarStuart 23rd Nov - 8:15pm
    "The government can move the goalposts and promote a campaign of ‘British values’" "British values" being, according to the official Government definition :- "respect for...
  • User AvatarBill le Breton 23rd Nov - 8:04pm
    @ Tsar Nicholas, you may have to forgive Paul and Lib Dem Voice ;-) Well you wrote, "But I will forgive you if we can...