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  • User AvatarTony Greaves 22nd Feb - 3:26pm
    Well I will support the rest of my group with commitment and enthusiasm and frankly our job is to fight for our full commitment to...
  • User AvatarMike S 22nd Feb - 3:20pm
    Yes - it's very logical and does not present the Lib Dem's in a good light. However there are 2 things she says worth highlighting...
  • User AvatarCatherine Jane Crosland 22nd Feb - 3:19pm
    Kishwer Falkner eloquently and thoughtfully explains why she cannot support the current Lib Dem policy on Brexit, despite the fact that she is passionately pro...
  • User AvatarLittle Jackie Paper 22nd Feb - 2:59pm
    That full article is fantastic - well worth a read. One of the most thoughtful, insightful contributions I've yet seen. Kudos!
  • User AvatarEddie Sammon 22nd Feb - 2:35pm
    PS, when I say "their approach" I strictly mean the Chinese government's. I have no prejudices about the Chinese people.
  • User AvatarEddie Sammon 22nd Feb - 2:34pm
    I agree entirely. Osborne and Cameron were wrong to cosy up to China. Of course we should do business with China and support Chinese people,...