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Opinion: Could PEVEL help to secure the triumph of good over EVEL?

england-flagEvery time a Tory mentions English Votes for English Laws they have a certain daemonic glint in their eyes. The power junkies think they are about to get the keys to the pharmacy. They say nature abhors a vacuum, but the Tories can hardly conceal their delight at the vacuum created by the meteoric rise up the political agenda of the West Lothian Question (which they and their friends in the media have helped to propagate). In 2010 they gained 56% of English MPs with 40% of the English vote. Implementing overdue boundary revisions and reducing MP numbers would tilt the balance further in their favour. Requiring a good deal less than 40%, they could gain a majority of English MPs for the foreseeable future if historic voting patterns persist.

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Opinion: Could there still be a bright future for Lords reform?

Unless we are admitting defeat or  consider the electorate agog with admiration of the status-quo, we perhaps need to look beyond  the seemingly  compelling case for democratic legitimacy and begin developing some more imaginative ideas about what a reformed second chamber  might do  differently and explore its potential for transforming  politics.

Limiting the level of ambition for our shiny new democratic institution to the pursuit of the same old objectives of itself does not seem like a great leap forward.

It also leaves us vulnerable to the tactics adopted by the Conservatives and their press allies, who assiduously sought to cultivate public …

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  • User AvatarEddie Sammon 4th May - 10:59am
    expats, my point is that I can see people panicking, perhaps willfully, so thought I'd show what the plan B would look like. I don't...
  • User AvatarHelen Dudden 4th May - 10:58am
    Disraeli was not a practicing Jew, he converted and if he had not , Jews were not allowed in the House of Commons. Ed was...
  • User Avatarmalc 4th May - 10:58am
    Sesenco I have seen only one poll where Lynne has any chance of holding her seat and that poll was carried out on behalf of...
  • User AvatarChristine Headley 4th May - 10:53am
    Not necessarily contradictory,, but may be the wrong way round.
  • User AvatarStuart 4th May - 10:48am
    @Caron "Hiding something away in a document like that is hardly enabling the sort of public debate that needs to happen before such a major...
  • User AvatarJohnTilley 4th May - 10:42am
    Sorry to come back for a second time but I have just noticed in the Twitter column on this page a picture of people holding...