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Mary Reid was a councillor in Kingston upon Thames, and has developed websites for several parliamentarians and Lib Dem organisations. She manages the annual conference for the Social Liberal Forum.

Vince Cable’s talk at the Social Liberal Forum Conference

Joe Otten recorded the William Beveridge Memorial Lecture given by Vince Cable at the Social Liberal Forum Conference on Saturday. And here it is:

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Heathrow, Gatwick or anywhere else?


The decision about whether to expand Heathrow is imminent. In fact, it has been imminent for quite some time.

A year ago the Davies Commission recommended that a third runway should be built at Heathrow, not at Gatwick, the only other contender at the time.

We were expecting to hear an announcement from Government before Christmas, but then the Department of Transport said that the decision would be delayed until summer 2016, conveniently after the May elections. This delay was not unconnected with the fact that Zac Goldsmith was the Tory candidate for London Mayor. Zac has famously declared that he will resign as MP for Richmond Park if Heathrow is chosen. He has now said he regrets this but will still stick by his plan to resign as an MP.

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Getting the picture


You may have noticed that we haven’t used many photos on Lib Dem Voice since 23rd June.

We have all been ridiculously busy just dealing with the posts that have been streaming in – dozens every day. It does takes a while to set up a new user, prepare a post for publication, and correspond with the contributor if a post needs editing. On the days when I am editing LDV I spend several hours on my laptop scheduling posts and dealing with the ones we can’t publish.

As I wrote last week we haven’t been able to publish everything that has been sent in, and we have had to turn down some perfectly decent posts. Sourcing and adding photos to the posts would have stretched me, and my colleagues, too far, so they have been one casualty of Brexit.

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So many posts!

Since Thursday we have been overwhelmed at LDV with posts from very many readers, and they are still arriving. Thank you to all of you!

I was in the editor’s chair yesterday and again today, and have been working my way through the submissions. It is clear that we simply can’t publish all of them because of the sheer volume.

So I thought I would explain how I am choosing the ones that will appear. First I am looking for posts that bring something new to the debate. And second, I am giving priority to members who have not contributed to Lib Dem Voice before. I hope you think that is fair, and are not too disappointed if your post is not used.

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Is there a petition for a second referendum?

It seems a lot of people think that there is such a petition, have signed it and have asked me to support it. They refer me to a petition on the Government site with the headline  “EU Referendum Rules triggering a 2nd EU Referendum“.

When you read the text of the petition, you will see that it is not asking for another referendum at all. What it was asking – ahead of the vote – was for a change in the rules that governed the European Referendum, to bring it in line with (I believe) the protocol in Ireland. It says:

We the undersigned call upon HM Government to implement a rule that if the remain or leave vote is less than 60% based a turnout less than 75% there should be another referendum.

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LibLink: Jeremy Browne on why Europe fears Brexit

Jeremy Browne - Some rights reserved by Foreign and Commonwealth OfficeOn City AM, Jeremy Browne has been explaining that Europe fears Brexit because it would unleash forces that could prove impossible to control. He writes:

In Britain, we inevitably focus most on how our departure from the EU would affect the UK. What the other countries in the EU mainly worry about, however, is how it would affect Europe. They are standing back, nervous that any intervention could be open to misinterpretation and be counter-productive, but they watch our referendum with trepidation.


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LibLink: Mark Williams on happiness, which is still ground for punishment in Iran


Mark Williams has written an article for The Hill, the Washington based news source. Under the eye-catching headline “Happiness is still ground for punishment in Iran” Mark writes:

A couple of years ago, Western audiences were noticeably shocked at the news that several Iranian youths had been arrested for the “crime” of dancing together and posting a video of themselves celebrating life to the strains of an American pop song called “Happy.” It was one in a long series of vivid reminders of repression in Iran. But unfortunately it was one of only a few that have gained significant traction in the Western media. It left the European and American public with the right idea about the Islamic Republic, but also with a potentially incomplete picture of how serious and how pervasive the problem is.

He explains that the incident took place soon after the reportedly moderate Hassan Rouhani had taken over as President, and there was hope that things would change under his leadership.  But hopes were dashed.

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