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The Independent View: Clegg is right to worry about the North

The North once again compared fairly unfavourably to the south in yesterday’s unemployment figures. It’s safe to assume it will do so again in next month’s figures, and the month after that. While political commentators note the UK’s slide towards a triple dip, most people outside London don’t need clinical economic definitions to tell them that money is tight.

But let’s be clear, this disparity is not a consequence of idleness, nor has it happened by chance. Public policy and investment decisions have made it all but inevitable. London has vast infrastructure spending exemplified by Crossrail, a Government proactively …

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Opinion: Heseltine report puts the State back on the hook for helping lead economic recovery

The lack of a joined-up growth strategy has been this Government’s Achilles heel. This week’s report from the Heseltine Review finally provides one. Some on the Tory backbenches will urge David Cameron and George Osborne to ignore many of the recommendations, and the swathes of evidence standing behind them, in favour of abdicating responsibility for the economic recovery to the private sector. Jacob Rees-Mogg predictably caricatures the findings as favouring a 1960s approach to regional development – his preferred course being deregulation. The Heseltine Review embodies …

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  • User AvatarJim Williams 7th Jul - 8:26am
    Ah - the link was from Andrew. Sorry Andrew! Thanks for sharing. I look forward to reading it. I'm arguing for a dual focus on...
  • User AvatarRichard Underhill 7th Jul - 8:24am
    We should also recognise briefly that this Speaker will modernise when he can, although too much support could endanger his position among some government backbenchers....
  • User AvatarJim Williams 7th Jul - 8:21am
    Kevin - thanks for writing; I'm glad you liked the piece. I suppose there are two or three different elements to 'moving on'. One is...
  • User AvatarMichael Hall 7th Jul - 8:16am
    Whatever military action is taken against the terrorists in Syria is being taken to protect the civilian population by preventing the spread of an insane...
  • User AvatarGeo Meadows 7th Jul - 7:52am
    Free licence for over-75s is a political decision and so obviously should come out of the government's budget. Clever George for effectively cutting the BBC...
  • User AvatarJim Williams 7th Jul - 7:48am
    Matthew - thanks for both comments. If we want to win back even a part of what we've lost, then we need both clear policy...
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