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Opinion: Ed Miliband is out of touch

On Monday, Ed Miliband, Leader of the Opposition, launched the Labour Party’s local election campaign.

Ed proclaimed that the government is “out of touch”, and challenged us on growth, fairer taxes and a stronger society.

On growth, he claimed that we need to deal with the deficit otherwise we won’t have growth in the future.

On fairer taxes, Ed said we “are raising taxes for pensioners but cutting them for millionaires”.

Actually, this month has seen the personal tax allowance for pensioners increase, and from next year they are frozen until the personal tax allowance catches up. Or does Ed believe that pensioners …

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Opinion: “Capitalism is a great success story.” Really, Nick?

On Monday, Nick Clegg gave a speech on responsible capitalism. This was his first real foray into the debate since it has erupted as a major talking point, even though we as a party have been arguing the need to reform capitalism before it was cool.

Before criticising capitalism, he praised it by saying this:

Capitalism may be today’s political punchbag, but let’s take a long view: it’s one of history’s great success stories. No other human innovation has driven progress  and raised living standards so consistently. Markets catalyse ideas, invention and experimentation. When they work well, they are meritocratic and

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Opinion: A New Approach to our Union

The current approach to the United Kingdom doesn’t work.

The current approach treats each home nation as an individual, yet this approach leads to everyone pulling the centre in every direction. It leads to infighting, or to one country taking control and dictating to the others how they should be run. Neither result leads to a strong union.

We currently have the Scotland Bill going through Parliament devolving more powers to the Scottish Parliament; Wales passed a referendum giving its citizens the ability to pass primary legislation; and Nick Clegg has set up a commission to address the …

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    @Stuart 4th May '15 - 6:42pm "I wonder if they’ll be suffering the same kind of angst as Caron and other would-be tactical voters here?"...
  • User AvatarStuart 4th May - 6:42pm
    Reports say around half of all Tories in Sheffield Hallam are voting for Nick Clegg. I wonder if they'll be suffering the same kind of...
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    Bolano 4th May '15 - 6:14pm ...........@expats 4th May ’15 – 6:07pm To be fair on the Tories of Hallam, Clegg’s survival is essential if...
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    @Alistair You must be looking at the wrong page, as the Labour site lists specific policies - there is no room for ambiguity. As for...
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    Eddie Sammon would vote for Yvette Cooper???? So, on the Milistone, where it says Labour will sort out the housing issues, what did she do...
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    @expats 4th May '15 - 6:07pm To be fair on the Tories of Hallam, Clegg's survival is essential if you want a Tory Government.