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Opinion: Government must act to encourage healthier diets

Yesterday, Chris Rennard and John Sharkey raised the important and inter-connected issues of sugar consumption and childhood obesity, respectively, during Oral Questions in the Lords.

These related topics prompted fifteen minutes of debate from a packed Chamber, as the responding Minister – Earl Howe – spelt out what the Government is doing to encourage healthier eating and prevent the problems associated with poor diet and lack of exercise, from worsening.

John Sharkey began proceedings by pointing out that not one of the companies signed up to the responsibility deal for calorie reduction is a fast-food operator. He …

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  • User AvatarNick Barlow 5th May - 5:15pm
    I'm really angry with this. I've had loads of email messages about this, and not one has used the 'Oh the huge manatee' meme.
  • User AvatarMalcolm Todd 5th May - 5:12pm
    Malcolm Redfellow I'm pretty sure it was Jeremy Browne, not Norman Baker.
  • User AvatarJohn Roffey 5th May - 5:12pm
    TCO 5th May '15 - 4:52pm "perhaps there’s a tacit recognition that it’s far more fruitful to seek to address the frighteningly complex issues of...
  • User AvatarStevan Rose 5th May - 5:01pm
    "The only way to get an accurate reflection of membership views is to ask ALL of them." That's a very slippery slope towards democracy and...
  • User AvatarMalcolm Redfellow 5th May - 4:57pm
    "Had I been in the Home Office at this time – those awful vans would not have happened." So, let's dump on Norman Baker! Norman,...
  • User AvatarTCO 5th May - 4:54pm
    @Caron further proof as if we needed any that Labour struggle with basic maths.