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Opinion: Five reasons to go to Eastleigh to help Mike Thornton’s campaign…

Paddy at Eastleigh

It’s really, really close and this election looks like it could shape the general election. This is the time to take a stand and prove that Lib Dems can hold onto Lib Dem seats. We have good things to offer people, we have brought things to the coalition (think pupil premium and the £10,000 tax-threshold) and we have limited some of the more extreme conservative policies.  But to get people to recognise this we have to get the word out and the way to do

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Opinion: Make a clean break – You shouldn’t flirt behind your partner’s back

On Saturday evening at Brighton, I attended a meeting organised by the Social Liberal Forum (SLF) with the controversial title ‘Disengaging with the Tories before 2015′. A number of equally controversial speakers were featured, including Neal Lawson (Chair of Compass), Stuart Weir (former Director of Democratic Audit) and Green MP, Caroline Lucas.

Between them, they suggested essentially that we break up the coalition as soon as possible and form a progressive leftist coalition. (Lord Renard and Tim Farron were also there and

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Opinion: I’m helping beat Labour in Oldham East & Saddleworth, you can too

I’ve been a member of the Liberal Democrats for two years now. When I saw the leaflets Phil Woolas produced to win Oldham East and Saddleworth in May, it made me angry. When he was expelled from Parliament, I decided to make the trip to help out.

It’s not the quickest journey for me by public transport from Bakewell, Derbyshire (2 trains, 1 tram and 4 hours to be precise!) but I’ve already met people who have travelled just as far and some from even further afield.

I’ve met so many new people here. It’s been a great chance to make …

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  • User Avatarnvelope2003 22nd May - 12:54pm
    One other thing - if Heathrow is so damaging to the locals why are there huge hoardings advertising new houses being built there ? Many...
  • User AvatarSue S 22nd May - 12:47pm
    I think the problem with our promoting reform of the voting system was that it was completely irrelevant at that time to most of the...
  • User Avatarnvelope2003 22nd May - 12:46pm
    The old railway companies actually wanted to build a station in central London but were prevented from doing so by Parliament which thought it would...
  • User AvatarJamie Stewart 22nd May - 12:46pm
    Interesting to learn a bit about Spanish politics, and to hear about Miriam's views of it, thanks Hannah. Much as I disagree with some of...
  • User AvatarAlex H 22nd May - 12:41pm
    Just to play devil's advocate here: but can not the ECHR be seen as Illiberal as it can not be amended by state legislatures?
  • User Avatarexpats 22nd May - 12:39pm
    peter tyzack 22nd May '15 - 8:58am ....... Actually Nick was an excellent choice, and has been an excellent Leader through everything that our ‘honest’...
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