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The Independent View: Why reforming football is a liberal agenda

Football is moving up the political agenda. In 2010 DCMS announced an inquiry into football governance which culminated in a report in 2011, criticising the football authorities for levels of debt and supporter engagement among other things. Meanwhile, Supporters Direct, the body responsible for promoting the values of supporter engagement in the UK, has been busy lobbying parliament for a new rule in club licensing (which allows clubs to compete in the leagues) that guarantees a structured relationship between supporters and their clubs; and secondly the establishment of a Government Expert Group to explore removing barriers to increase …

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  • User AvatarTsar Nicolas 20th Nov - 10:37pm
    IF TTIP is so good, why has it been largely hidden from public view? Where is the public debate, as there was over joining Europe...
  • User AvatarExiled Scot 20th Nov - 10:35pm
    Just wanted to say Emily Thornberry - ha, ha ha.
  • User AvatarStephen Hesketh 20th Nov - 10:12pm
    Peter 20th Nov '14 - 9:17pm Well, fancy stumbling on David 'green crap' Cameron on LDV. You have no idea do you. Not even a...
  • User Avatarsuzanne fletcher 20th Nov - 9:53pm
    To answer Richard Dean, "circumstances beyond their control" covers such as an asylum seeker who has not been given leave to remain in the UK...
  • User AvatarTsar Nicolas 20th Nov - 9:29pm
    I wonder if anyone can tell me how easy it is for a Jewish person in Israel to marry a non Jewish person.
  • User AvatarPeter 20th Nov - 9:17pm
    Mr Davey has taken £650 million from hard pressed taxpayers who have trouble heating their homes and is giving it to the rich leaders of...