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Opinion: The Justice Secretary has got it wrong on privatisation of probation services

Why do governments always assume that they will save money by privatising the public sector?  The Probation Service is now in Chris Grayling’s sights with his plan to hive off low risk offenders to charities and private enterprise leaving the rump Probation Service to concentrate on high risk offenders.

High risk offenders are the sex offenders, domestic violence perpetrators and offenders on indeterminate sentences whose risk prior to release from custody is subject to constant review. As a former probation officer this was my bread and butter work – and incredibly stressful it was too.

I understand that under the Coalition …

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  • User AvatarTCO 21st Apr - 3:28pm
    Duncan makes a good point. There is an assumption - reinforced by such things as the non-equal distribution of maternity/paternity leave - that men who...
  • User AvatarAlex Sabine 21st Apr - 3:26pm
    @ Muchael BG "Some of these people were not really liberals but were libertarians and didn’t believe in using the power of the government to...
  • User AvatarTCO 21st Apr - 3:17pm
    @Jonathan @Rab Gents its good to see some positive debate and tolerance of other positions. The point Rab makes is a pertinent one - there...
  • User AvatarTCO 21st Apr - 3:07pm
    Canvassing in the pre-election period is useful but long term data is the most useful. Usually we have limited resource out canvassing so we need...
  • User AvatarPhilip Thomas 21st Apr - 2:55pm
    Yes, I am an OE. But I do not advertise, unless I deem it necessary. I will bear in mind what you say about voter...
  • User AvatarMichael BG 21st Apr - 2:54pm
    Sorry “small number of right wing Liberals and ex-SDP members” not “small number of ring wing Liberals and ex-SDP members”
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