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By-election report 20th August

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There were a couple of near misses last Thursday for Liberal Democrat candidates in principal council by-elections. Nathan Billings came agonisingly close to securing a gain in Camborne Pendarves ward in Cornwall (UA), finishing just 14 votes adrift of the Conservatives. In spite of not standing a candidate in the previous election in 2013, the Lib Dems polled 29% in finishing second place. With 30.3% of the vote, the Tories took the seat from UKIP, who saw their vote share plummet by 23.5% to finish a poor …

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Nine seats held, nine seats gained since May 8th #libdemfightback

Well Done image (Aug 14 - website)
The Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors (ALDC) has been a fundamental engine of Liberal Democrat growth. Now, more than ever, they have a crucial role to play in helping to lead the Liberal Democrat fightback. And they have recently stepped up to the plate in spectacular style with their By-election HQ. This is a newly launched service which is a one-stop go-to website for all of us to find out information about council by-elections across the country. These are an essential way for the party to grow back.

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Why I am standing in the Haringey by-election

Libby - Some rghts reserved by David SpenderTwo council by-elections have just been called in the Hornsey and Wood Green constituency. And – I’m pleased to say – I’ve been selected as the candidate for one of them.

It’s not the first time I’ve been involved in a Lib Dem campaign. I stood as a London target ward candidate in 2014, and then I ran Lynne Featherstone’s General Election campaign. Since then, I’ve helped Tim’s leadership campaign.

Now, I’m ready to take on this one. Here’s why.

Firstly, both wards are currently represented by a Labour-run Council and a Labour MP.

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++Lib Dems GAIN former council ward of Brecon and Radnor’s Conservative MP

Great news this morning.

Congratulations to Councillor James Gibson-Watt! Very well done to James and all the Brecon and Radnor team!

Details are:

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By-election update: Near miss in Cambs, clean sweep in Abbots Langley

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Two principal council by-elections were held last Thursday. The Lib Dems in Cambridgeshire (CC) narrowly missed out on holding their seat in Romsey ward, falling 47 votes short of Labour. LD candidate Nichola Martin polled 35.2%, a decrease of 12.7% from the ward’s last election two years ago.

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By-election update: Labour’s Oxford by-election tactics slammed

Election count progressingThere were three principal Council by-elections this week in Oxford, Shepway and Surrey Heath.

In Carfax ward (Oxford City Council) Labour held on with 168 votes (44.2%; +15.6%). Tony Brett, the Liberal Democrat candidate who finished fourth in May’s local election, came a respectable second with 101 votes (26.6%) and increase of 9% since May. The Green Party slipped from first in May to third on Thursday with 16.6% (-14.2%). The Conservatives and UKIP both polled 24 votes (6.3%).

Turnout in the ward was a record low of just 8.6%. …

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By-election victory in Ludlow North

Congratulations to former Lib Dem Voice editor Andy Boddington on a resounding victory in the Council by-election in Ludlow North!

Winning in Ludlow North

Andy is the man in the hat – as always.

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A good night for Lib Dems at the byelections

Three cheers to Michael Gee who gained Dalston in Carlisle from the Conservatives last night. The Lib Dems also held local council seats in the South Lakes and Luton. Congratulations to Annie Rawlinson and Clive Mead.

GAIN in Carlisle


HOLD in South Lakes


HOLD at Luton



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By-election watch: 10/11 April… Luton bringing me sunshine…

Ballot boxThree principal authority by-elections this week, two candidates and one win…

We start with Darlington, where Howard Jones was flying our flag in Lascelles ward, one which we didn’t fight in 2011. Plaudits should go the team there, who have demonstrated that there is a vote for us out there, if we make a case. The Conservatives were pushed into third place, perhaps reflecting national opinion polls that are showing them at their lowest level in this Parliament. The result was;

  • Helen Crumbie (Labour) – 426 votes (63%, -17%)
  • Howard Jones (Liberal Democrat)

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The other local elections: Lib Dems gain five and hold three

The Liberal Democrats have gained five council seats and retained all three of their previously-held seats in the raft of council by-elections they were contesting yesterday.

In Wallsend, North Tyneside, Michael Huscroft gained from Labour with 58.2%, or 1158 votes.

David Siddans won in Rossett, Harrogate Borough Council, with 48.9% of the vote (897), in a 25.6% swing from the Tories.

From the Harrogate Advertiser:

Councillor John Fox, Constituency Chairman, Harrogate and Knaresborough Liberal Democrats said: “This is the first Liberal Democrat gain from the Conservatives in the north of England this year. We are absolutely delighted to have overturned a

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Opinion: How CONNECT helped hold Chelmsford

On Thursday 28th June, activists from all over the country and beyond helped secure two vital by-election wins in Chelmsford. Stephen Robinson was elected to the Chelmsford North division of Essex County Council, and Paul Bentham for the Patching Hall ward on Chelmsford City Council. In both elections, the Conservatives were well beaten into second place.

Stephen said:

I am extremely grateful to everyone who helped us make this victory possible. Having so many activists available helped us secure the legacy of long-serving Lib Dem incumbent Cllr. Tom Smith-Hughes, who sadly died earlier in the year.

Saffron Walden Constituency Chairman Nick Edwards, …

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Double wins for Lib Dems in Chelmsford

Chelmsford Liberal Democrats are celebrating two big by-election wins this morning, after double vacancies caused by the death of Tom Smith-Hughes.

Paul Bentham became the new councillor for the Patching Hall ward of Chelmsford City Council, whilst Stephen Robinson was elected in the Chelmsford North division of Essex County Council.

The results were as follows:

Lib Dem 842 (42%)
Con 488 (25%)
Lab 309 (16%)
UKIP 263 (13%)
Green 84 (4%)

Lib Dem 1614 (42%)
Con 941 (25%)
Lab 711 (19%)
UKIP 435 (11%)
Green 128 (3%)

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Lib Dems hold Waterside, North Norfolk

From the Norfolk Evening News:

The Liberal Democrats have held on to the Waterside seat on North Norfolk District Council in a by-election caused by the resignation of former council leader Simon Partridge.

His place is taken by Paul Williams, whose 494 votes edged out Conservative Paul Rice who polled 410 in a six-way fight that saw a turnout of 42pc in the ward which covers Catfield, Potter Heigham, Ludham and Hickling.

Labour’s Denise Burke was third with 246 just ahead of UKIP’s Jeffrey Parkes with 233.

Bringing up the rear were the Green Party’s Anne Filgate with 73 and Jean Partridge, Mr

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This week’s council by-election results: 1 March 2012

Almost a clean sweep for the Liberal Democrats this week, winning five out of the six local council by-elections. There were three gains and two holds by the party, and in Castle ward, Cumbria, there was actually a swing towards the Lib Dems, although the party lost the seat to Labour.

Notably, Shamblehurst – in Chris Huhne MP’s Eastleigh constituency – was held by a wide margin, as Chris Huhne’s website reports:

The Liberal Democrats have secured an overwhelming vote of confidence from Eastleigh Borough residents in a Hedge End by-election that took place yesterday.

Liberal Democrat candidate Richard Effeny secured the

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This week’s council by-election results: Lib Dems GAIN in Towcester

Vote Toaster

From the Independent:

Liberal Democrats made two landslide gains from Tories in the latest council by-elections, suggesting their voting support has not been dented after the resignation from the Government of Chris Huhne.

Their candidate Chris Lofts took Northamptonshire County Council’s Towcester division on a massive swing of more than 30% since the 2009 shire polls.

Party colleague Lisa Samiotis triumphed at Towcester Brook, South Northamptonshire District.

This brings the total of Lib Dem gains this month to three, after a win from Labour last week.

This week’s results, courtesy of ALDC are as follows:


Council by-election results: 29 September 2011

Gwynedd UA, Penrhyndeudraeth
PC 515 (61.4; +2.9)
Llais Gwynedd 233 (27.8; -13.7)
Ind 91 (10.8; +10.8)
Majority 282
Turnout not known
PC hold
Percentage change is since May 2008.

Gwynedd UA, Diffwys and Maenofferen
PC 210 (57.9; +16.7)
Llais Gwynedd 153 (42.1; -7.2)
Majority 57
Turnout not known
PC gain from Llais Gwynedd
Percentage change is since May 2008.

Watford Borough Council, Nascot
LD Jeanette Aron 1021 (48.5; +2.8)
Con 818 (38.8; +2.5)
Lab 134 (6.4; -5.3)
Green 133 (6.3; 0.0)
Majority 203
Turnout 34.29%
LD hold
Percentage change is since May 2011.

Shropshire UA, Bishop’s Castle
LD Charlotte Barnes 801 (53.4; +5.7)
Con 544 (36.3; -4.3)
Lab 80 (5.3; +5.3)
Green 74 (4.9; -6.8)
Majority 257
Turnout 51.3%
LD hold
Percentage change is since June 2009.

Cherwell DC, Bicester North
Con 443 (65.9; …

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Council by-election results: 22 September 2011

Barwell by-election
Barwell Parish Council, St Mary’s
LD John Cullinane 302 (57.5)
Ind 130 (24.8)
Lab 93 (17.7)
Majority 172
Turnout 14.35%
LD hold.

Fenland DC, Staithe
Con 228 (42.0; -13.1)
Lab 166 (30.6; +1.8)
LD Robert McLaren 90 (16.6; +16.6)
UKIP 39 (7.2; -8.9)
Ind 20 (3.7; +3.7)
Majority 62
Turnout 28.8%
Con hold
Percentage change is since May 2011.

Wisbech TC, Staithe
Con 223 (41.1)
Lab 171 (31.5)
LD Nicky Smith 97 (17.9)
UKIP 52 (9.6)
Majority 52
Turnout 28.9%
Con hold

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Council by-election results: 25 August 2011

North Ayrshire UA, Saltcoats and Stevenston
First preference votes:
Scottish Labour Party 1914 (48.7; +13.9)
SNP 1306 (33.2; +1.2)
Scottish Conservative 284 (7.2; -0.4)
All Scotland Pensioners Party 211 (5.4; +5.4)
Independent 114 (2.9; +2.9)
LD Gordon Bain 56 (1.4; +1.4)
Socialist Labour Party 43 (1.1; +1.1)

Turnout 25.42%
Lab hold
Percentage change is since May 2007.
Labour elected at Stage 5.
For full details use the link:

Bolsover DC, Shirebrook South West
Lab 200 (47.8; +15.6)
Green 103 (24.6; +24.6)
Con 72 (17.2; +11.1)
BNP 43 (10.3; +0.7)

Majority 97
Turnout not known
Lab gain from Ind
Percentage change is since May 2011

Full by-election info and commentary at the Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors.

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Lib Dems win council seat from the Tories in… Eton

As Helen Duffett’s Lib Dem Voice council election results round-up highlighted, the Lib Dems last night gained a seat from the Conservatives — in a seat that might have been thought to be True Blue territory, Eton and Castle ward in the Berkshire borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.

Congratulations to George Fussey! Here’s how the BBC reported it:

Mr Fussey won on Thursday night with 208 votes, beating Tory candidate Adam Demeter who had 182 votes. … Mr Fussey has lived in Eton for 25 years and is also a governor at Windsor Girls’ School. He is the second


Council by-election results: 11 August 2011

Islington LBC, St Peter’s
Lab 1167 (52.5; +17.5)
LD David Sant 440 (19.8; -9.6)
Con 381 (17.1; -9.1)
Green 176 (7.9; -1.4)
Ind 59 (2.7; +2.7)
Majority 727
Turnout 24.78%
Lab hold
Percentage change is since May 2010.

Windsor and Maidenhead UA, Eton and Castle
LD George Fussey 208 (47.4; +19.6)
Con 182 (41.5; -23.7)
Lab 32 (7.3; +0.3)
UKIP 17 (3.9; +3.9)
Majority 26
Turnout 24%
LD gain from Con
Percentage change is since May 2011

North Devon DC, Fremington
Ind 501 (46.9; +5.2)
Con 308 (28.8; +16.2)
Ind 196 (18.3; -13.6)
Green 64 (6.0; +6.0)

Majority 193
Turnout 29.99%
Ind hold
Percentage change is since May 201

Dawlish TC, Central and North East
Ind (Voice for Dawlish) 323 (45.6)
LD Judith Robins 311 (43.9)
Green 75 (10.6)
Majority 12
Turnout 16%
Ind …

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Lib Dems gain council seat in David Laws’s constituency

The Press Association reports:

Liberal Democrats gained from Tories in this week’s only reported council by-election amid signs of revival in some areas following the hacking scandal.

Candidate Michael Maxwell won Somerset County Council’s South Petherton division on a big swing.

It is covered by the Yeovil constituency of the party’s former Cabinet minister David Laws.

The result comes after it defied Labour at Warrington last week by winning in a marginal ward where it had lost another seat in May’s main contests.

This suggests that Lib Dems could be benefiting from their lack of high level links to the Murdoch empire.


Somerset County – South

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Council by-election results: 28 July 2011

Enfield LBC, Bush Hill Park
Con 1108 (44.5; +6.1)
Lab 668 (26.8; +2.0)
Ind 230 (9.2; +9.2)
LD Paul David Smith 177 (7.1; -12.3)
Green 100 (4.0; -6.5)
UKIP 70 (2.8; -4.1)
BNP 61 (2.5; +2.5)
Christian Party “Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship” 45 (1.8; +1.8)
The English Democrats – “Putting England First!” 29 (1.2; +1.2)
Majority 440
Turnout 23.83%
Con hold
Percentage change is since May 2010.

Blackburn with Darwen UA, Beardwood with Lammack
Con 1097 (63.8; +3.4)
Lab 572 (33.3; +0.1)
LD Salim Lorgat 51 (3.0; -3.5)
Majority 525
Turnout not known
Con hold
Percentage change is since May 2011.

Harrow LBC, Stanmore Park
Con 1395 (58.1; -0.4)
Labour 509 (21.2; +0.7)
Independent 299 (12.4; +12.4)
LD Sylvia Warshaw 98 (4.1; -9.4)
Green 53 (2.2; -5.3)
UKIP 48 …

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Council by-election results: 21 July 2011

Wokingham UA, Remenham, Wargrave and Ruscombe
Con 850 (65.9; +0.6)
LD Martin Alder 272 (21.1; -7.1)
UKIP 55 (4.3; +4.3)
Lab 94 (7.3; +0.7)
Green 19 (1.5; +1.5)
Majority 578
Turnout 29.38%
Con hold
Percentage change is since May 2010.

Gwynedd UA, Glyder
Plaid Cymru 207 (39.4; -25.1)
LD Doug Madge 194 (36.9; +1.3)
Con 65 (12.4; +12.4)
Lab 60 (11.4; +11.4)
Majority 13
Turnout not known
Plaid Cymru hold
Percentage change is since May 2008.

Truro City Council, Boscawen
Con 469 (40.7)
LD Kate Tregunna 322 (28.0)
Lab 246 (21.4)
Mebyon Kernow 114 (9.9)
Majority 147
Turnout 24.59%
Con gain from LD.

Full by-election info and commentary at the Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors.

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Council by-election result: 14 July 2011

Norfolk CC, Old Catton
Con 664 (40.6; -8.2)
LD Bob Fowkes 414 (25.3; +11.8)
Lab 377 (23.0; +12.2)
UKIP 107 (6.5; -9.7)
Green 75 (4.6; -6.0)
Majority 250
Turnout 25.7%
Con hold
Percentage change is since June 2009.

Full by-election info and commentary at the Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors.

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Council by-election results: 7 July 2011

Derbyshire CC, Sawley
Lab 1351 (41.7; +30.9)
Con 1197 (36.9; +12.8)
LD Fiona Aanonson 692 (21.4; +10.7)

Majority 154
Turnout 30.56%
Lab gain from Ind
Percentage change is since June 2009.

Wakefield MBC, Horbury and South Ossett
Lab 1776 (51.5; +2.4)
Con 1061 (30.8; -10.6)
UKIP 232 (6.7; +6.7)
LD Mark Goodair 200 (5.8; -3.8)
Horbury Independent 93 (2.7; +2.7)
Ind 88 (2.6; +2.6)
Majority 715
Turnout 28.6%
Lab gain from Con
Percentage change is since May 2010.

Purbeck DC, Lytchett Matravers
Con 669 (52.8; +5.4)
LD John Brian Taylor 599 (47.2; -5.4)
Majority 70
Turnout 41.8%
Con gain from LD
Percentage change is since May 2010.

Southwark LBC, Peckham
Lab 1754 (70.1; +7.7)
LD Jennifer Blake 554 (22.1; +4.4)
Con 86 (3.4; -5.1)
Trade Unionists and Socialists …

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Labour holds Inverclyde with reduced majority

From the BBC:

Labour has won the Inverclyde by-election for the UK parliament but its majority has been more than halved.

Iain McKenzie took the Westminster seat with 15,118 votes over the SNP’s Anne McLaughlin on 9,280. Labour’s majority fell from 14,416 at the 2010 general election to 5,838.

The Conservatives took third place with 2,784, the Liberal Democrats polled 627 votes and UKIP was fifth with 288.

The by-election was held after the death of David Cairns in May, aged 44.

Read the full story here.

In local council by-election news:

Wandsworth LBC, Thamesfield:
Con 1497;
Lab 1022;
LD Lisa Smart 545;
Green 202.
Turnout 28.1%

Broxbourne BC, …

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Council by-election results: 9 June 2011

There were five council by-elections this week: four of them resulted in holds, while the Lib Dems lost Chelmsford Central to the Conservatives.

From ALDC:

Highland UA, Tain and Easter Ross
The votes below are the First Preference votes. An Independent was elected at the fourth stage.
Ind 1204 (37.6; +1.3)
SNP 1037 (32.4; +20.4)
Ind 547 (17.6; +6.4)
LD Antony Gardner 318 (9.9; -6.2)
Ind 97 (3.0; -14.3)

Turnout 36.4%
Ind hold
Percentage change is since May 2007.

Essex CC, Chelmsford Central
Con 1496 (43.6; +10.0)
LD Graham Howard John Pooley 1323 (38.6; -5.9)
Lab 610 (17.8; +10.1)

Majority 173
Turnout 29%
Con gain from LD
Percentage change is since June 2009.

Kensington and Chelsea


Liberal Democrat candidate dies on polling day

The Newcastle Journal has the sad news:

The Liberal Democrat candidate for Westerhope, Neil Hamilton, died this afternoon after spending the day campaigning.

Police were called to his house after no-one could contact him. Mr Hamilton, thought to be in his early 60s, was a junior cricket coach.

Under council rules, if a candidate dies during an election, and before all votes are cast, the election is null and void and a by-election must be held.

Our condolences to Mr Hamilton’s family, and to the local party in Newcastle.

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This week’s by-election results: Lewisham and Torfaen

Yesterday, Labour held a seat in the London Borough of Lewisham and gained one from the Independent in Pontypool, Torfaen.

Lewisham LBC, Bellingham

Lab 1100 (51.4; +8.3)
Con 340 (15.9; -3.1)
LD Jenni Steele 334 (15.6; -11.1)
Others (12.3; +6.6) Socialist Alternative – Lewisham People Before Profit 264
Green 100 (4.7; -0.8)
Majority 760
Turnout 22%
Lab hold
Percentage change is since May 2010.
(In May 2010 “Others” was an Independent who got 5.8% of the vote)

Torfaen UA, Pontypool

Lab 178 (30.9; +0.3)
Others (57.3; -12.1) Ind 161, Ind 80, Ind 46, Ind 25, Ind 12
PC 50 (8.7; +8.7)
Con 18 (3.1; +3.1)
Majority 17
Turnout 39.5%
Lab gain from Ind
Percentage change is since May 2008.

See the …

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Delighted of Tunbridge Wells: Lib Dems gain from Tories in by-election

The Liberal Democrats have gained a seat from the Conservatives on Tunbridge Wells Borough Council in yesterday’s Pembridge by-election, with a swing of more than 13%.

The result in full:

LD Claire Brown 578 (43.3; +2.7)
Con 460 (34.5; -24.9)
UKIP 296 (22.2; +22.2)
Majority 118
Turnout 35.41%
LD gain from Con
Percentage change is since May 2010.

New Liberal Democrat councillor Claire Brown said,

I am delighted and honoured to win this seat in Pembury and serve the village. I am a local mother of three young children who runs my own business. We fought an excellent campaign against the Tories who put up a candidate from outside the

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