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Lib Dems GAIN Ipplepen, Teignbridge from Conservatives

Alistair Dewhirst gains Ipplepen from the Conservatives

Congratulations to new Liberal Democrat councillor Alistair Dewhirst at Ipplepen, Teignbridge District Council.

The Liberal Democrats gained the seat with a massive 34% swing from the Tories following the death of the previous councillor.

Turnout was up too, and high for a council by-election: 58.7% compared with 52% in the main elections in 2007.

Central Devon Liberal Democrats are also reporting an increase in party membership.

The result:

Lib Dem Alistair Dewhirst …

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By-elections have projected Lib Dem vote at 25%

The Local Government Chronicle has today published research on how the Lib Dems (and others) have fared in local by-elections since May.

It’s useful to note as there’s been some disagreement. Lib Dems have been pointing to victories and holds as evidence that, where the party campaigns, its vote is holding up very well. Opponents have disagreed (not least in comments on this site) and suggested evidence is being cherry-picked and the Lib Dems vote is actually falling.

Here’s what the research says (as reported by Paul Waugh in the Evening Standard since the LGC site


Abingdon Northcourt victory: hat-trick for OxWAb Lib Dems‏

Helen Pighills (centre) wins Northcourt by-election, Abingdon

Oxford West & Abingdon Lib Dems are celebrating their third local by-election victory in a row since the General Election.

Helen Pighills held Northcourt Ward on Abingdon Town Council with an increased majority over the Conservatives.

This means that the Lib Dems retain all 21 seats on the Council.

Helen Pighills said:

I look forward to joining the hard-working and effective team of Lib Dems who are doing such a good job running Abingdon Town Council.

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A good night for Labour in Norwich

Labour were the party with most to be happy about after the 13 Norwich by-elections (or delayed elections) that took place yesterday.

The Lib Dems lost one of their two seats to Labour, with the Conservatives losing both of theirs. The Greens, who had hoped for a breakthrough, held five seats but failed to make any gains.

The Lib Dems held Eaton ward with an increased share of the vote.

Compared to the last time the seats were fought in 2008:

Labour finished up three on seven seats
The Greens won five seats, the same as in 2008
The Lib Dems were down one …

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Lib Dem GAIN from Tories in Castle ward, Alnwick Town Council

Lib Dems GAIN Castle ward, Alnwick TC

Congratulations to Councillor Sara Walton, elected today for Castle ward on Alnwick Town Council, following the resignation of the Conservative councillor through ill health.

The result:

LD Sara Walton 329;
Con 238;
Lab 94

Turnout 24.4%.
LD GAIN from Con.

New councillor Sara Walton said,

It’s very humbling that so many people have put their trust in me. I’m determined to bring a fresh perspective to the Town Council and hope my experience as a solicitor and school governor will be put to

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Sheffield slaughter? Not this week

Labour pundits were eagerly predicting the Lib Dems would be slaughtered in a Sheffield local by-election yesterday, and would simply be hoping to avoid coming last.  The reality was a little different.

Labour comfortably held on to their safe Woodhouse seat, with both them and UKIP taking votes from the Conservatives, who were pushed into fourth place, just a few votes ahead of the BNP.

The Lib Dems came a clear second place, with the party’s vote down just 0.5% on the May result, and well up on every other election in the last few years, as Labour struggled to …

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Lib Dem GAIN from Tories in Aldbury and Wigginton, Dacorum BC

Lib Dem GAIN from Tories in Aldbury and Wigginton, Dacorum BC
Congratulations to Aldbury and Wigginton Liberal Democrats, where Rosemarie Hollinghurst has gained a seat from the Conservatives on Dacorum Borough Council.

The result:

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Councillor for 13 days: Medway Tory resigns

Conservative councillor David Craggs has resigned today, less than a fortnight after winning the by-election in River Ward, Medway.

Kent News reports:

The Gad’s Hill headteacher stood down from his position earlier today.

Yourmedway approached Mr Craggs for a comment and was told that a full statement detailing the reasons behind his resignation would be released later this afternoon.

However, we are led to believe that Mr Craggs was told he must choose between serving as a special constable, a position he has held for 17 years, and a Medway councillor.

Conservative Craggs gained the seat from Labour in the by-election on 12 …

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Lib Dem wins council seat whilst on his honeymoon!

An interesting mix of results in this week’s by-elections. In the first result of the evening, the Liberal Democrats comfortably held North ward of Seaford  Town Council, which is in Lewes constituency.

LD Nick Norman: 407
Con: 319
Lab: 137
Ind: 74
BNP: 20
The turnout was 23.7%.

The new councillor is currently away on his honeymoon, with new wife Naomi.

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13 Norwich by-elections on one day – can you help?

In just one month voters in Norwich will be going to the polls again

Here in Norwich, we’re fighting not 1, not 2, not even 10 council by-elections this summer. We’ve got 13.

We won Norwich South at the General Election by just 310 votes. These elections are set to be just as close. Many people came to help us in May, and we’re appealing for even more people to come and help us now. We’re especially looking for people to make a few phone calls from home.

Back in December, following a drawn-out and bitter process that split political parties …

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By-election news: Conservative gain in Medway

Only the one by-election this week, a gain for the Conservatives:

Conservative 617 (44.6; +5.6)
Labour 544 (39.4; -0.7)
LibDem (Garry Harrison) 104 (7.5; -0.6)
Green 45 (3.3; +3.3)
BNP 39 (2.8; +2.8)
English Democrats 33 (2.4; n/a)
Majority 73
Turnout 25.3%
Con gain from Lab

(There were two parties standing last time who didn’t stand this time.)


By-election news: Conservatives hold Sitwell, Rotherham

Just one by-election this week, in Sitwell ward on Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, following the death of Conservative Councillor Michael Clarke.

The Conservatives held the marginal seat, although the council remains under Labour control.

The Liberal Democrat candidate Abdul Razaq came fifth (possibly as a consequence of the Liberal Democrats not putting up a candidate in May, so the party’s support may have ebbed away to Labour?)

The result was as follows:

Con 1213
Lab 864
Independent 252
UKIP 241
LD Abdul Razaq 98

The turnout was 28.22%.

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By-election results: Victory in Torbay and holds everywhere else

Cause for celebration this week with a good set of by-election results:

Liberal Democrat Andrew Baldrey won St Mary’s with Summercombe (Torbay UA) from the Conservatives with a huge swing:

LD Andrew Baldrey 801 (52.7%;+16.4)
Con 365 (24.0%;-23.9)
Lab 195 (12.8%;+12.8)
UKIP 159 (10.5%;+10.5)
Turnout 26.2%
Percentage change is since May 2007

Elsewhere, the Liberal Democrats held all the seats that we were defending: the principal elections were Kidlington North on Cherwell District Council; Nethermayne on Basildon District Council (the seat previously held by Ben Williams who stood down to become a special advisor to the Government’s deputy chief whip) and Thatcham South and


Lib Dem by-election winner “angry” at Exeter unitary ruling

It was recently announced that 26 councillors in Exeter and Norwich have lost their seats following a High Court decision over unitary status.

As the BBC reported:

Mr Justice Ouseley last month quashed a Labour government decision to allow the cities to take over county council powers and now members must stand down.

Each council lost 13 councillors and was ordered to pay legal costs.

The 26 councillors were due to stand for re-election in May but had been granted extensions in office as part of provisional arrangements for unitary status.

The judge has now ruled the by-elections must take place to maintain legality.

Leader of Exeter Council, Adrian Fullam (Liberal Democrat) said:

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By-election news: two Lib Dem gains, one loss, Yeovil hold

Shropshire Lib Dem team celebratesLocal farmer Richard Huffer, last night won Clee Division of Shropshire County Council from the Conservatives taking over 60% of the vote. Speaking after the count, Richard said “I’m extremely grateful for the confidence that local electors have shown in me. The scale of the victory is quite humbling. Now the work really starts – our area has suffered from neglect and poor representation for too long!”

Parliamentary Candidate Heather Kidd, who was agent in the by-election said,

Richard will make an excellent councillor.

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By-election results 3 June 2010: four cheers for the Lib Dems

Liberal Democrats are celebrating four by-election wins this week (two gains, two holds) in Newquay, South Oxfordshire and St Albans.

Cllr Dave Sleeman wins in Gannel ward, Newquay TC

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Lib Dem landslide in Kendal Town Council elections

The winning Kendal Town Councillors

Liberal Democrats are celebrating after they won all 28 seats in Today’s deferred Kendal Town Council Elections – gaining three seats from Labour, re-gaining one from the Greens and one from an Independent.

Liberal Democrats gained Strickland, Fell and Romney from Labour and won in Underley from the Independents. The Lib Dems also re-gained Far Cross ward from the Green Party.

Tim Farron, Lib Dem MP for Westmorland and Lonsdale said:

Four years ago we didn’t even have a majority on Kendal Town Council, now

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Lib Dem gain in Taverham North, Broadland DC

Nich Starling and Taverham North winning team
Congratulations to Councillor Nich Starling (aka Norfolk Blogger) who gained a seat yesterday from the Tories on Broadland District Council.

The result, courtesy of ALDC:

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By-election results: 11 March 2010 – Tory holds weakening

Two by-election results just in – both saw a reduction in the Conservative vote and increases in the Liberal Democrat vote:

Dacorum BC, Adeyfield West ward:
Con 486 (32.8%; -8.6%)
Lab 429 (29%; -13.3%)
LD Steve Wilson 362 (24.5%; +8.1%)
BNP 203 (13.7% +13.7%)
Turnout 35.8%

Wellingborough BC, Redwell West ward:
Con 570 (58.2%; -0.8%)
Lab 169 (17.2%; +2.2%)
BNP 84 (8.6%; -7.1%)
LD Penny Wilkins 72 (7.3%; +3.8%)
Eng Dem 62 (6.3%; +6.3%)
Green 23 (2.3%; -0.9%)
Turnout 37.7% (-5.6%)
Last fought: 2008 by-election

Thanks to Lloyd Harris and Chris Nelson for providing the results, and congratulations to both teams for their hard work and increased vote!

For full by-election analysis every week,

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Three by-elections, two gains

Two gains from the Conservatives in town council by-elections (majorities of 16 and 19 – a healthy reminder of the importance of working for every vote) in Winsford and Chatteris. Congratulations to Diane Bladry and Alfred Theron. Thanks also to Chris Howes, who stood in the one district by-election, coming second in a Tory held seat in Fenland.

For the full results and other details, see the ALDC blog.

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Two more gains in local by-elections… and some post-match blogging

The Liberal Democrats gained two seats in by-elections held on 25 February.

In Eastwood South (Broxtowe District Council) the Lib Dems surged ahead of Labour:
LD Keith Longdon 985 (53.1; +34.0)
Lab 484 (26.1; -12.1)
Con 387 (20.9; -0.4)

In Fenstanton ward, Huntingdonshire District Council, the Lib Dems gained a seat from the Tories:
LD Colin Saunderson 391 (51.1; +4.2)
Con 337 (44.1; -4.1)
Lab 37 (4.8; -0.1)

For this week’s full results, commentary and fantastic victory photo see the ALDC website.

Mark “Reckons” Thompson was the candidate in the Owlsmoor by-elections and has blogged about it in My experiences as a

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By-election news: Seven Votes Swings Seat… again

There were six principal council elections held on the 18th February. Labour held one seat and the Tories two. We lost two seats to Labour but gained one from the Tories There were four Town and Parish Council results reported to ALDC. A Tory hold, two Lib Dem holds and a Lib Dem gain from Plaid.

In the Pendre Ward of Bridgend Council in Wales we managed to lose to Labour by just seven votes having won the seat by seven votes just two years ago. We ran a good literature and doorstep campaign but we needed to use the …


Lib Dems gain Ivybridge Filham, South Hams DC

Lib Dems gain Ivybridge Filham, South Hams DC
(From left: Councillor Tony Barber; Anna Pascoe, Lib Dem PPC for South West Devon; Stephen Kearney, Chair of South West Devon Liberal Democrats; Councillor Keith Baldry; Jill Barber)

Liberal Democrat Tony Barber has won the Ivybridge Filham by-election, following the resignation of the Tory councillor.

The result:

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By-election news: Where we mess up, we lose

There were four principal council elections held on the 4th February. The Tories held one seat. The Lib Dems held one seat but also lost two seats to Labour. There were three Parish council elections reported to ALDC.

Rarely, thankfully, do we have to report on an utter disaster, but that was the case in the Holmewood and Heath by-election in North East Derbyshire. In 2007 two Labour councillors were elected for the ward un-opposed. In fact they had been unopposed for the last 20 years and only Labour had ever been elected in this coal mining and largely council housing renting area. In April 2008 there was a by-election that we won with 42% and a 26 vote majority. Our sitting councillor was disqualified for non-attendance and we failed to stand a candidate to defend the seat.


By-election news: Great start to the New Year

There were two principal council elections held on the 28th January. The Lib Dems held one seat and gained one from the Tories. In the only Town and Parish Council results reported to ALDC the Tories held the seat.

The Great Bowden and Arden Ward of Harborough District Council in Leicestershire saw this year’s first by-election gain, at the expense of the Conservatives. Tory attacks fell flat when faced with candidate Phil Knowles’ wide experience of local issues and hard-working reputation established during his previous …

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Liberal Democrats regain Woodfield, Harrogate Borough Council

The first by-election of 2010 has resulted in a Liberal Democrat gain from the Conservatives in Harrogate.

The result:

Greta Knight 688 62.5% (+4%)
Con 246 22.3% (+7.5%)
BNP 92 8.4% (-4.1%)
Lab 73 6.6% (-7.5%)

Turnout was 26.99%

The …

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Lib Dems hold Whittle Hall, Great Sankey Parish Council

Matt Newton wins Whittle Hall by-election, Warrington South

Another victory against the Tories, this time in the constituency of Warrington South.

Congratulations to new Councillor Matt Newton and the team at Warrington Liberal Democrats on winning the Whittle Hall by-election, Great Sankey Parish Council.

The result:

LD Matt Newton 573
Con 336
Turnout approx 11%

For this week’s full by-election results and analysis, see this weeks’ by-election commentary on the ALDC website.

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By-election roundup for 10 December 2009

We’ll update this post as new info comes in.

Bearsden South's new Councillor Ashay Ghai with Jo Swinson MP

East Dunbartonshire Council, Bearsden South

Lib Dem gain from Conservatives
The results of this STV election in full:

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Liberal Democrats hold Kingsbrook, Bedford Borough Council

Newly elected Councillor Andy Gerard
Andy Gerard has been elected the new Councillor for Kingsbrook ward in Bedford. (Pictured above with Councillor Anita Gerard, Bedford Mayor Dave Hodgson and PPC for Bedford and Kempston, Henry Vann.)

The results in full:

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By-election results 3 December 2009

More success in Redcar

There were two principal council by-elections held on the 3rd December. The Lib Dems held one seat and Labour took a seat off the Tories. In the only Parish and Town council election result reported to ALDC the Tories took a seat from Labour.

In the Ormesby Ward of Redcar and Cleveland Unitary Authority we held the seat comfortably increasing our share of the vote in an already safe ward . The by-election was held due to the resignation of long serving Lib Dem Councillor Eric Empson and was the sixth in just over twelve months in …

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