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More Lib Dem by election GAINS – one right next to Witney

Stow on the Wold is a gorgeous little Cotswolds town. Tonight it has a Liberal Democrat Councillor as Dilys Neill stormed to victory with a 21 point advance.

This by-election gives a boost to Liz Leffman’s campaign to win the parliamentary by-election in Witney as it’s just 4 miles away.

In the Adeyfield West ward of Dacorum Town council, Liberal Democrat Adrian England gained a seat from the Conservatives. This is a ward we also won in another by-election in 2013 and held in 2015. We have now won the other seat in the ward – with a pretty massive swing.

Look at this stonking rise in vote share in Blackpool.

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20,000 new members for the party since the EU referendum

News reaches the Voice:

20,000 new members have joined the Liberal Democrats since the EU referendum, the party has announced today.

The surge in membership has been boosted by the party’s clear pro-European stance, including calling for a referendum on the final Brexit deal, and the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour party leader last week.

The Liberal Democrats have gained over 1000 members over the past week alone, including a number of former Labour members.


Labour are trapped in a nightmare of two parties – Tim Farron on Corbyn’s speech

Here is Tim Farron’s response to Jeremy Corbyn’s speech at the Liverpool Labour conference today:

Corbyn’s speech shows Labour’s problem, the last time I saw ovations like that was Iain Duncan Smith’s Blackpool conference speech. Here was a quiet man turning down the volume, especially on Europe. He barely mentioned Brexit and said nothing on the importance of the Single Market. It is clear that the Liberal Democrats are the only pro-European party now.

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Arthur Koestler’s Account of the Fall of France: Closed, Intolerant, Divided. A Warning for Brexit Britain.



Britain faces a challenging time in the next few years.  We can meet these challenges if we are the best Britain we can be:  open in our minds and hearts, tolerant and united.

I am one of those who believes that history has much to teach us about ourselves and the present.  Past and present are not the same.  But by studying the mistakes of the past we have a greater to chance to do better in future.  My 3 years as a history student have formed my mind as much as …


The Lib Dem Press office gets noticed

We’ve known for some time that the Lib Dem Press Office has a very good sense of humour.

This week the Huffington Post outlined 17 times the Lib Dem Press Office were the most entertaining thing in British politics.

While the party may have struggled to make itself heard above the rhetoric of Brexit and the absurdities of the Labour leadership contest, there has been one facet of the party that has been consistently nailing it.

Their press office.

You wouldn’t think it but the team’s Twitter maestro(s) have been throwing all kinds of shade and sass into the digital ether of late.

We did think “only 17.” The list they have is pretty amusing, but we have even better.

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Tim Farron welcomes new Lib Dem members – over 1000 this week

Over 300 people joined the Liberal Democrats yesterday in the wake of Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election, That brings the total of new members to over 1000 this week.

It’s been a good week for the party, which has 3 more councillors in seats gained from both Labour and the Tories.

Tim Farron welcomed the new members to the Lib Dems:

I am delighted to welcome so many new members to the party and look forward to working with them to provide the real opposition to this Conservative Brexit Government.

We are the voice for those who oppose the politics of fear, division and

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Even George Osborne Gets It: “Hard Brexit did not win a majority”

George Osborne is not a popular figure in the Liberal Democrats. He has never shown compassion of the poor and since the 2015 General Election followed an economic policy we disagree with – failing to invest and take advantage of low interest rates.

Many of us who gave all we had for Remain feel he let us down. His foolish threat of an “emergency budget” drove voters into Leave’s hands. Like Cameron, he contributed over years and years to the anti-immigrant, anti-Europe mood music that entrenched euro-scepticism in many people’s minds.

However, he has now made a speech clearly criticising the May government’s …


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    Not so good in Tyldesley, the results were reported with LD and UKIP switched round.