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Even George Osborne Gets It: “Hard Brexit did not win a majority”

George Osborne is not a popular figure in the Liberal Democrats. He has never shown compassion of the poor and since the 2015 General Election followed an economic policy we disagree with – failing to invest and take advantage of low interest rates.

Many of us who gave all we had for Remain feel he let us down. His foolish threat of an “emergency budget” drove voters into Leave’s hands. Like Cameron, he contributed over years and years to the anti-immigrant, anti-Europe mood music that entrenched euro-scepticism in many people’s minds.

However, he has now made a speech clearly criticising the May government’s …


Richard Kemp and Liverpool Lib Dems set up street stall outside Labour Conference

Knowing that there may be a lot of unhappy Labour members once the leadership result is announced, Richard Kemp and the Liverpool Liberal Democrats are setting up a stall outside Labour’s conference to offer them a home if they are feeling that their party has moved too far from them.

They will be outside the Liverpool Museum at the Pier Head between 11 am and 1pm.

They will be looking for people like Mark Robinson:

Good luck to them. You have to admire their nerve.

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ALDC’s by-election report – 22 September 2016

ALDC Master Logo (for screen)This week has seen ten prinicipal council by-elections across the country – nine on Thursday and one on Tuesday night. Lib Dem candidates contested seven of the ten.

In the Tuesday night by-election in Plasnewydd (Cardiff) Lib Dem candidate Robin Rea had a spectacular win, gaining the ward from Labour with a 48.1% share of the vote (up +15.4% since the ward was last contested in 2012). Labour were pushed into second place on 34.8%, and Plaid Cymru, the Conservatives and the Greens all saw a drop in their vote share.  Congratulations to Cllr Rea and the team in Plasnewydd for an excellent result to round off our party conference!

Thursday night saw yet more Lib Dem gains. Alison Eden and the team in Teignmouth Central ward, Teignbridge BC almost doubled the Lib Dem vote share to gain the ward from the Conservatives. Alison and won the ward with an amazing 51.1% of the vote (+26.8% since 2015) and a majority of 205. Both the Conservatives and Labour both saw a drop in their vote share (of -3.7% and -8.1% respectively). Congratulations to Cllr Eden & the team for such an impressive result!

Another Lib Dem gain came in the form of Hadleigh ward, Suffolk County Council, where Trevor Sheldrick pushed the Tories into second place and won the ward with a 182 vote majority (36.2%; +12.0%).  A huge congratulations to Cllr Sheldrick and the team!

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Another Friday, another TWO Lib Dem gains

More good news from our friends in the West Country:

This is another gain from the Conservatives with a massive 28% leap in the vote. Tories and Labour both slumped.

It was the only win for us last night, but we had some very good results:

Up almost 8% in Gateshead:

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Happy Bi Visibility Day

Bi Visibility Day 2016Since 1999, 23 September has been a day to recognize and celebrate bisexuality, bisexual history, bisexual community and culture, and all the bisexual people in our lives.

The day has gone by various names: Celebrate Bisexuality Day (or International Celebrate Bisexuality Day), Bi Pride Day, but has really become well-known to a broader audience in recent years as Bi Visibility Day. This has been extended in America to the whole week being known as Bi Awareness Week (and to some extent internationally, thanks to the internet; it’s been #biweek all over Twitter).

So Why Do Bisexuals Need Their Own Day?

Most non-bi people probably assume bisexuals are sufficiently included in other “days,” like Pride or IDAHOBIT (the International Day Against Homophobia, BIphobia and Transphobia). The councillors among you might have had requests for your town hall to fly the rainbow flag at such times.

But bisexuals suffer for being “lumped in” with LGBT all the time. Bisexuals’ experiences tend to differ not just from heterosexuals but from gay men and lesbians as well.

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ALDC Campaigner Awards 2016 winners

w-2016-overall-winner-plus-best-literature-and-fightback-runner-up-liverpool-300x225The winners of the ALDC Campaigner Awards 2016, sponsored by Midshires, were presented at the ALDC AGM held in Brighton at Federal conference by Willie Rennie MSP, celebrating the best campaigning teams from across the Country.

This year’s winners and runners-up are:

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Labour blocks Trident debate to avoid embarrassment for Corbyn

As if there wasn’t going to be enough fun and games at Labour’s Conference next week, it now appears that they will not get the chance to debate the thorny issue of Trident, which will no doubt upset a lot of people.

Motions on both sides of the argument, including one submitted by a Scottish Labour constituency called on conference to note that cancelling Trident would “result in thousands of redundancies” at “world-class engineering centres” in Barrow, Derby, Faslane and Rosyth.”

A motion from the area which most benefits from the jobs created by the submarine base at Faslane in favour of renewal was rejected.

From the Mirror:

The move follows fears that Mr Corbyn, a former vice chair of CND and a long-standing opponent of Trident , would have lost if the issue was pushed to a vote.

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