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Lib Dem In Campaign – the first video

Here is the first video of the Lib Dem In campaign. What do you think?

Today we launch our campaign for Britain to remain in Europe. This is Britain’s time to lead, not leave. Together we…

Posted by Liberal Democrats on Wednesday, 10 February 2016

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Farron holds summit aimed at helping refugee children

As we told you on Monday, Tim Farron got representatives from charities, NGOs and political parties round the table today to work on a practical plan for the UK to accept 3000 unaccompanied child refugees who have reached Europe.

Among those attending were Save the Children, UNICEF, Islington Law Council, Kent Refugee Action Network, Refugee Council, Homes for Good, Coram, Barnardo’s, British Red Cross, ECPAT UK, Cambridge Refugee Resettlement Campaign, The Children’s Society, ILPA and the Local government Association. Also, Leader of the Green Party Caroline Lucas MP, Margaret Greenwood (Labour) MP, Heidi Allen MP (Conservative) and Mark Durkan MP (SDLP) came along.

Tim told the meeting:

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A Basic Income Guarantee or Job Guarantee? Can we have both?

There has been some recent discussion on Lib Dem Voice and elsewhere on the idea of a Basic Income for all. The social benefits we already receive when we are unable to find work, or are incapable of working due to being too sick, or too old, are examples of a basic income guarantee, albeit an inadequate basic income, in operation.

It has been a while since any progressive political party has seriously promoted the idea of a guaranteed income from working but the idea is nothing new and doesn’t have to be workfare in disguise. Both types of schemes will meet the same objections from the political right with questions like “Who is going to pay”? If we play their game and agree that everything will be “fully funded” we’ll simply be shifting existing money from one group to another. Aggregate demand will remain unchanged and so the underlying macroeconomic problems of our economy will remain unresolved. On the other hand, if we don’t play along we’ll be dismissed as potentially fiscally profligate by wanting to pay out money for nothing.

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EU Ref Roundup: The economy, security, migration all better IN than OUT…

It’s the economy, stupid

Small exporters in Britain are suffering due to the risk of Brexit reports the Times.

Companies are less confident about their prospects than at any time in the past three years, amid fears about the global economy and uncertainty about Britain’s place in Europe.

London First say that staying in will boost London by £13.9 billion and several thousand jobs reports City AM.

Previous roundups have mentioned the risk Brexit poses to the pound.  Goldman Sachs are now advising to expect a 20% crash in the pound’s value if we leave (Guardian).



Lib Dem Remain campaign to be launched this afternoon

Tim Farron heads to the unlikely environment of a table tennis bar in London to launch the Lib Dems’ In campaign this afternoon.

Also speaking will be London Mayoral candidate Caroline Pidgeon and MEP Catherine Bearder:

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Big wins for Welsh Lib Dems in budget negotiations

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 09.39.40It’s annual budget time and the Welsh Liberal Democrats have secured some substantial investment in young people in the Welsh budget including 5000 new apprenticeships, increase in and extension of the Pupil Premium and a young person’s bus pass.

The full list of Liberal Democrat policies to be implemented is:

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EU Referendum: Let’s answer the question

The European Referendum question asks “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?” Voters are not being asked whether we accept David Cameron’s renegotiation proposals or the (draft) European Council Agreement. Nor are we being asked our opinion on the crises in the Eurozone and Schengen areas.

Just as Wilson’s 1975 renegotiation was promptly forgotten during the 1975 referendum campaign, we need to put Cameron’s renegotiation behind us. Both were risky exercises to paper over splits within their respective parties. Although Cameron’s renegotiation is subject to greater public scrutiny than in 1975, the referendum question does not ask us to unpick, let alone approve, it. The Leavers cite the Eurozone and Schengen crises as main reasons why we should leave the EU, yet we are not members of either group. How can we leave groups we aren’t part of?

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