Chris Rennard steps aside from party roles to avoid “embarrassment” to Lib Dems

Further to the allegations broadcast on last night’s Channel 4 News that former Lib Dem chief executive Lord (Chris) Rennard behaved sexually inappropriately towards women working for the Liberal Democrats, he has announced he’s stepping aside from his current active roles within the party — as a Lib Dem peer and a member of the party’s federal policy committee — to avoid “embarrassment” to the party. Here‘s the Telegraph report:

The top Lib Dem official official will temporarily stand down from his party duties to avoid “embarrassment” to the party, after several women made accusations about his conduct on Channel Four News. The peer resigned from his role as chief executive in 2009 but was still actively involved in the Liberal Democrats. He will now withdraw from the party’s group in the House of Lords, which means he will not be able to vote with his party on any issues. He will also leave from the party’s federal policy committee, which is responsible for coming up with ideas for the Liberal Democrat manifesto.

In view of ongoing investigations and for legal reasons comments on this post will be disabled.

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