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Monthly Archives: January 2017

1st  2017: A year when Liberals across the world need to work like never before (25) by Caron Lindsay
  LDV’s Top Twelve of 2016: Our most read post of 2016 is by…Vince Cable (11) by The Voice
  Tim Farron’s New Year Message: Don’t shrug your shoulders. Get involved. (21) by Tim Farron MP
  Willie Rennie’s New Year Message: Lib Dems THE pro UK, pro EU progressive party (20) by Willie Rennie
2nd  Last chance to submit your entry for ‘Your Liberal Britain’ (3) by Mary Reid
  There is nothing about 2016 that wasn’t inevitable (16) by Roisin Miller
  Why we need UKIP in the fight for Electoral Reform (44) by Ben Andrew
  How do we each make 2017 a better year for race equality in the UK? (10) by Marisha Ray
  Farage’s legacy and continental populist laws put EU expats in UK in impossible quandary (28) by Bernard Aris
3rd  “I’m not sure we can do anything about it anymore.” (61) by Nathan Sinclair
  Michael Wilkinson appointed head of digital content (18) by Joe Otten
  A time for wise leadership (26) by Mark Argent
  UK Ambassador to the EU resigns (50) by Joe Otten
4th  WATCH: The fightback continues in 2017 and READ how it’s happening in the South West (7) by The Voice
  Farron: Theresa May marching towards Brexit without “plan or clue” (18) by The Voice
  Predictions for 2017: How the Lib Dems can stay one move ahead (21) by Jon Andrew
  LibLink: Alistair Carmichael: Will Labour moderates seize the moment? (13) by NewsHound
  Rennie calls on SNP to back Lib Dem efforts on Brexit deal referendum (9) by Caron Lindsay
  In pictures: Kate Parminter’s Burntwood Lecture on Brexit and the environment (0) by The Voice
  Burt and Swinson comment on gender pay gap report (18) by The Voice
5th  2017 is ALDC’s 50th anniversary year (1) by ALDC
  What the Lib Dem PPCs got up to in Brussels (1) by Annabel Mullin
  Will you be listening to Nigel Farage’s show? (18) by Caron Lindsay
6th  The first Lib Dem GAIN of 2017 (10) by The Voice
  Observations of an ex pat: Tough for Trump (3) by Tom Arms
  Vince Cable calls for end to EU free movement (159) by Caron Lindsay
  William Wallace writes…The politics of unreason (16) by Lord William Wallace
7th  Happy Golden Jubilee to the Cleggster (4) by Caron Lindsay
  This is how to respect the referendum result (162) by Rob Parsons
  And your problem with an innovative way to tell girls they don’t have to put up with violence is…..? (18) by Caron Lindsay
8th  Why Vince Cable is wrong to call for an end to free movement (84) by Bradley Hillier-Smith
  Caron’s Sunday Selection: My favourite videos and articles from this week’s news (3) by Caron Lindsay
  LDV’s Sunday Best: our 7 most-read articles this week (0) by The Voice
  Redcar Liberal Democrat Councillor Chris Abbott has died (5) by Caron Lindsay
  Now, Theresa, you weren’t really the driving force behind mental health crisis care improvements, now, were you? (7) by Caron Lindsay
9th  Keep Britain in the Single Market (20) by Mary Reid
  The physical network behind surveillance – an extraordinary video about Cornish internet apparatus (7) by Paul Walter
  A fairer formula for schools: it’s not just about funding (3) by Jamie Dalzell
  LibLink: Tim Farron – “As Millwall’s crisis shows, football is about far more than just sport” (7) by Mary Reid
  LibDemVoice Fantasy Football League: manager of the month for December (2) by Stephen Tall
10th  Why we need a little civil disobedience and please help me provide it! (14) by David Boyle
  Tim Farron doing LBC phone in at 6pm tonight (4) by The Voice
  Lib Dem council candidate Ben talks about his Depression (1) by Caron Lindsay
  Farron: Corbyn’s relaunch shows that Lib Dems are the real voice of opposition (18) by Caron Lindsay
  The problem with a wage cap (35) by Jeremy Hazlehurst
  Iconic coalition era building demolished (3) by Joe Otten
11th  Norman Lamb leads calls for National Convention to resolve NHS funding crisis (24) by Caron Lindsay
  Brexit means…Keeping mum (16) by Andrew Brown
  Corbyn’s pay cap plan boosts the rich, not the poor (22) by David Thorpe
  Our nation’s mental health is a clear and present danger (15) by Chris Key
  Trying (too hard) to curb EU free movement: A symptom of the EU-wide social democracy meltdown (21) by Bernard Aris
  One mental health first aider per school is not enough (6) by Kirsten Johnson
  Tributes paid to Willie Goodhart (12) by Caron Lindsay
12th  Government’s inadequate response to the Syrian refugee crisis (5) by Bradley Albrow
  A slogan you might not expect from the Lib Dems (70) by Chris Bowers
  Book review – Jeremy Paxman: A Life in Questions (3) by Paul Walter
  Could Rebecca Hanson be fighting a long game in Copeland? (31) by Caron Lindsay
  Massive Lib Dem swing to GAIN Sunderland council seat from Labour in by-elections clean sweep (38) by Caron Lindsay
13th  Observations of an ex pat: And so it begins… (6) by Tom Arms
  LibLink: Nick Clegg: Blaming liberalism for the world’s political turmoil is just too easy (14) by NewsHound
  Six questions for London Region candidates (6) by William Dyer
  Slithering headlong down the rabbit hole (26) by Paul Walter
  Disabled people claiming vital benefits are being treated disgracefully (12) by Geoff Crocker
  ALDC’s by-election report – 12 January 2017 (7) by ALDC
14th  Roy was right – and so was Nick (19) by Douglas Oliver
  LibLink: Tom Brake: Why the Liberal Democrats won’t stand aside in Copeland (24) by NewsHound
  Alex Carlile leaves the Liberal Democrats Lords Group: Why now? (16) by Caron Lindsay
15th  When things come together: Stoke-on-Trent and my emotions (36) by Ed Fordham
  At some point the Tories will run out of people to blame for the state of the NHS… (23) by Caron Lindsay
  Scottish Lib Dems demand action on retention of police photos of innocent people (9) by Caron Lindsay
  Farron: There is no democratic mandate for a hard brexit (37) by The Voice
16th  Would you like to serve on a policy working group? (5) by Mary Reid
  Brexit Mandate – Theresa May should beware of an expiry date (34) by Frank Hindle
  Tim Farron on Gove’s interview with Trump (27) by Mary Reid
  The Limehouse Podcast (1) by William Porteous
  ALDC offer ending: Has your team got a FREE door-knocking tablet? (0) by ALDC
  Reforming the fire service (47) by Mark Frankel
17th  I agree with Nick: “EU must fear havoc from both sides now” (14) by Bernard Aris
  Internal Party Elections – Round 2 (1) by Tim Gordon
  Farron: May is leading the UK towards a hard Brexit that was never on the ballot paper (54) by Paul Walter
  The life after Brexit – what next for the EU migrants? (17) by Michal Siewniak
  A Tale of Two Speeches (40) by Stephen Williams
  “A slightly erratic grip on the truth sometimes….” Who was Nick Clegg talking about (0) by NewsHound
18th  Senior Liberal Democrats respond to Theresa May’s hard Brexit (33) by Caron Lindsay
  LibLInk: Paddy Ashdown: Theresa May’s Brexit is not what people voted for. They deserve another say (31) by NewsHound
  REMINDER: Alderdice Review – Call for evidence. Deadline Friday 20th January (2) by Natalie Chindipha
  LibLink: Tim Farron: Whether you are Leave or Remain, Theresa May just betrayed you on Brexit (15) by NewsHound
  A new propaganda (44) by Edwin Moriarty
  Why Theresa May’s speech is good news (67) by Mark Goodrich
  Obituary: Peter Grender 1936-2017 (7) by Olly Grender
  Victory for Liberal Democrats in fight to strengthen Victims’ Code (1) by The Voice
  Lib Dems announce regional spokespeople on Brexit (19) by Caron Lindsay
19th  Federal Policy Committee Report – 18 January 2017 (27) by Geoff Payne
  Claire Tyler writes: Breaking through the class ceiling (6) by Claire Tyler
  Rennie says SNP Government must put more into mental health, the police and helping disadvantaged kids in schools (3) by Caron Lindsay
  May’s “Hard Brexit” causes tensions in previously strong UK-Dutch relationship (25) by Bernard Aris
  Rod Cantrill is the Lib Dem candidate for Cambridgeshire Mayor (0) by The Voice
  Alistair Carmichael on Question Time tonight (6) by Caron Lindsay
20th  Observations of an expat: The hip-thigh bone theory of the world (1) by Tom Arms
  Come to the future women MPs weekend! (5) by Natalie Chindipha
  The PM is building a wall, and Northern Ireland is going to pay (18) by Ciaran McGonagle
  Liberal Democrat membership tops 80,000 (3) by The Voice
  Tim Farron tops Guardian front page as Carmichael’s “You’re not an opposition” riposte to Thornberry gets biggest Question Time cheer (7) by NewsHound
  Cllr Antony Hook makes it another Lib Dem GAIN from the Conservatives (7) by Caron Lindsay
  A missed opportunity for the Party (20) by Caron Lindsay
21st  Labour lashes out at Lib Dems (23) by NewsHound
  One union liberalism (13) by T J Marsden
  Tim Farron’s message to the London Women’s March: We fight back against divisiveness and intolerance by working together (2) by Caron Lindsay

Recent Comments

  • User AvatarAndrew McCaig 21st Jan - 5:22pm
    Well, after hearing him I was hoping Jeremy Browne was no longer a member!
  • User AvatarSimon Horner 21st Jan - 5:17pm
    The writer of this article poses the crucial question for all of us living in Scotland. "Can we back an independent Scotland as a better...
  • User AvatarPaul Walter 21st Jan - 4:47pm
    Moderator's note: We do not publish "part two" or "continued" comments. There is a length limit in order to keep the debates fresh and stop...
  • User AvatarDavid Raw 21st Jan - 4:38pm
    Fair enough, Fiona - though you hear all sorts of funny things in Dundee. I don't think independence is a done deal - I do...
  • User AvatarCaron 21st Jan - 4:18pm
    When the public announce menu is made, yes.
  • User AvatarFiona 21st Jan - 4:01pm
    @David, you obviously didn't spend much time in Dundee during the referendum. The idea that Scotland could go fully socialist if independent was one of...