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Monthly Archives: February 2017

1st  Tim Farron welcomes LGBT History Month (3) by Caron Lindsay
  ICYMI: Nick Clegg’s brilliant speech on Article 50 Bill (21) by Caron Lindsay
  Federal Conference Committee Motions Report (16) by Zoe OConnell
  The Radical Association: Fighting for a bolder Lib Dem future (11) by James Baillie
  Churchill inspires D66 fightback against Trumpism and Farage’s people-expulsing “Hard Brexit” (11) by Bernard Aris
  4000 new Lib Dem members in a month (8) by The Voice
  In full: Tim Farron’s speech in the Article 50 debate (49) by The Voice
2nd  For our 4000+ Newbies: The Lib Dem Lowdown: How the party works and what it has to offer (6) by Caron Lindsay
  The first results in the party internal elections are in (5) by The Voice
  Why we shouldn’t feel helplessness towards the refugee crisis in an age of Trump (2) by Bradley Albrow
  Tim Farron’s message for Time to Talk Day (3) by The Voice
  Tower Hamlets councillor Andrew Cregan leaves Labour and joins Lib Dems (1) by Caron Lindsay
  Why I’ve left the Stoke-on-Trent Central by-election campaign (12) by Ed Fordham
  The irony behind tonight’s Corbyn media firestorm (10) by Caron Lindsay
3rd  Yet another massive Lib Dem GAIN from Labour (25) by Caron Lindsay
  Observations of an expat: I am a liberal (14) by Tom Arms
  ICYMI: Sarah Olney’s speech in the Article 50 debate: We can’t build country without fear & poverty by turning our back on our neighbours (3) by The Voice
  After Brinsworth and Catcliffe we must all turn our attention to Stoke Central and Copeland (9) by Andrew Sangar
  Julian Huppert writes…Stoking the flames of liberalism (15) by Julian Huppert
  LibLink: Lindsay Northover: UK aid: High impact, low cost (1) by NewsHound
  Tributes to Gordon Aikman (3) by Caron Lindsay
  Attack Leave’s Leaders, Ideas and Claims. Not Voters. (43) by Antony Hook
  ALDC’s by-election report – 2nd February 2017 (3) by ALDC
4th  Britain in 2030 essay competition: And the winners are… (0) by Jim Williams
  Norman Lamb slams West Kent NHS Operations Ban (22) by Antony Hook
  Tom Brake’s speech in the Article 50 debate (5) by The Voice
5th  Three things a local party can do for newbies (8) by Adam Bernard
  LibLInk: Alex Cole-Hamilton: On selling our souls for a US trade deal (6) by NewsHound
  Lords reform back on the agenda? (12) by Caron Lindsay
  LDV’s Sunday Best: our 7 most-read articles this week (2) by The Voice
  What’s more interesting? Constitutional or transport geekery? (4) by Caron Lindsay
  Cadan ap Tomos on Visit my Mosque day: We must bridge divisions in our communities (1) by Caron Lindsay
  Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this story in the Independent? (3) by Caron Lindsay
  Finding out that mental health progress was worse than we thought – one of the reasons Scottish Liberal Democrats voted against the SNP’s budget (2) by Caron Lindsay
  Top of the Blogs: The Lib Dem Golden Dozen #467 (0) by Caron Lindsay
  The Observer agrees with us on a referendum on the Brexit deal (44) by The Voice
6th  Farron attacks Government plans to make patients pay upfront for NHS treatment (42) by Caron Lindsay
  Yabloko: Keeping Russia’s Liberal flame alight (3) by Edward Crabtree
  We have laws to protect wildlife so why don’t they work? (5) by Phil Aisthorpe
  WATCH: Lynne Featherstone’s message on the International Day of Zero Tolerance of FGM (15) by Caron Lindsay
  Alex Cole-Hamilton on Trump’s travel ban: We will not tire, we will resist (6) by The Voice
  Compare the Dutch Government’s attitude to Trump’s travel ban to Theresa May’s (2) by Bernard Aris
  Lord John Shipley writes…Five foundations for the Housing White Paper (7) by John Shipley
  Kenneth Clarke’s speech in the Article 50 debate (38) by Paul Walter
  District councils: worried about funds and housing (0) by Chris White
  P-17: Only 16 full days of campaigning left in Stoke-on-Trent Central (10) by Ed Fordham
7th  Another day, another database, another threat to privacy (9) by Brian Paddick
  How the West can be Won (7) by Andrew Brown
  Lib Dems Should Embrace Automation of the Workforce (61) by Matthew Phillips
  Farron: Lib Dems will not make a pact with Corbyn’s Labour (34) by NewsHound
  A couple of voices of sanity in the current maelstrom of insanity (10) by Paul Walter
  Update on progress tackling Female Genital Mutilation in the UK (0) by Catherine Royce
  P-16: What is Stoke’s daily paper saying about the by-election? (5) by Ed Fordham
8th  Liverpool City Region Mayoral election: A chance to continue the Fightback (2) by Carl Cashman
  LIbLInk: John Sharkey: Why I fought to get a pardon for gay and bi men (1) by NewsHound
  ALDC’s local election appeal 2017 – help us do even better than last year (0) by ALDC
  My time living on the streets of Cheltenham (5) by Peter Jeffries
  Let the trumpets sound, the banners fly, Federal International Relations Committee has met… (3) by Mark Valladares
  Sal Brinton and Rebecca Hanson meet health workers in Copeland (6) by NewsHound
  P-15: You can make a difference by coming to Stoke-on-Trent (11) by Ed Fordham
  WATCH: Tim Farron on Sky News: “It’s a dark day” (56) by The Voice
9th  Winning the self-employed vote (13) by Martin Roche
  The Trump story that takes the biscuit – until the next one that takes it… (31) by Paul Walter
  Islington’s Liberal opportunity (15) by Alain Desmier
  Lib Dems can be the most digitally innovative party (11) by Michael Wilkinson
  Renewing our commitment to community politics (5) by Guy Russo
  P-14: Stoke-on-Trent Central will count the votes in two weeks’ time (8) by Ed Fordham
  Two Lib Dem GAINS from the Conservatives (17) by Caron Lindsay
10th  Compassion Fatigue? Unaccompanied asylum-seeking children (39) by Kirsten Johnson
  Observations of an Ex-Pat: Trump’s Aim (3) by Tom Arms
  The Brexit White Paper- Big Holes in All the Wrong Places… (16) by Dave Gorman
  Jeremy Thorpe – ‘one of the bravest men in British politics’ (16) by Paul Walter
  The national treasure that is the British Library – all done in the best PAASSIBLE taste (6) by Paul Walter
  LibDemVoice Fantasy Football League: manager of the month for January (0) by Stephen Tall
  P-13: Time for another delivery, we think (13) by Ed Fordham
11th  What do you do when you want to distract from your party driving the country off a cliff? (3) by Caron Lindsay
  Nick Clegg cheered by students (4) by Caron Lindsay
  Impressive free public access to our Supreme Court (2) by Paul Walter
  Sarah Olney: Richmond Park By-Election was one of the best experiences of my life (10) by Caron Lindsay
  P-12: Thanks to all those helping in Stoke who are not yet Liberal Democrats (6) by Ed Fordham
12th  How to campaign in a “post-truth” world (13) by Helen Flynn
  Campaigning in Copeland (13) by Katharine Pindar
  Labour leaflet: It’s a lie to say Labour opposes Brexit (22) by Caron Lindsay
  LibLink: Nick Clegg: Children’s Mental Health Week: Nearly two thirds of children feel worried all the time (1) by NewsHound
  WATCH: Ros Scott talk about the Article 50 Bill, Brexit, the Lib Dems & local elections (0) by NewsHound
  LDV’s Sunday Best: our 7 most-read articles this week (0) by The Voice
  P-11. It’s Sunday Politics Midlands show live from Staffordshire University (1) by Ed Fordham
  Top of the Blogs: The Lib Dem Golden Dozen #468 (0) by Caron Lindsay
13th  P-10: Legacy campaigning in a by-election (1) by Ed Fordham
  Pay ratios, inequality and fairness (31) by Dave Gorman
  LibLInk: Tim Farron: Why Lib Dems will continue to fight for the single market (23) by NewsHound
  William Wallace writes…Populism in the media (70) by Lord William Wallace
  The campaign against Brexit continues (37) by Nick Hopkinson
  Draconian changes proposed to Official Secrets Act (18) by Martin Roche
14th  P-9. What Labour just don’t get about Stoke-on-Trent (19) by Ed Fordham
  How can this government turn its back on thousands of child refugees? (5) by Julian Huppert
  Brexit could starve the NHS and British arts & culture from European input (7) by Bernard Aris
  Farron campaigns in Copeland and Stoke-on-Trent (0) by NewsHound
15th  Brexit – a view from the Continent (48) by Robert Harrison
  Believe? (6) by Ruth Bright
  LibLInk: Nick Clegg: UK not taking seriously Brexit impact on Ireland (2) by NewsHound
  Another Richmond: LDV’s Joe Otten takes to the stage (6) by Caron Lindsay
  P-8: The city of Stoke doesn’t change, but its voters might (5) by Ed Fordham
16th  Breaking: Stoke on Trent Lib Dems challenge Labour to condemn “offensive and illegal texts” (29) by The Voice
  Come to Copeland (2) by Andrew Sangar
  Brexit and Trump: The result of cynicism taking control (8) by Ben Andrew
  WATCH: Tim Farron talking about need to properly fund social care (9) by NewsHound
  P-7: The final week: Etruria railway station is a joke (3) by Ed Fordham
  By-Election watch (13) by The Voice
17th  Farron: National scandal of thousands of deaths linked to social care cuts (7) by The Voice
  Can an English identity be a liberal one? (14) by Rob Parsons
  Tony Blair is on our side. Eek. (64) by Caron Lindsay
  Observations of an Ex-Pat: Mind the gap (5) by Tom Arms
  The unbearable uncoolness of being liberal (9) by Edward Crabtree
  P-6 Why Lincoln, Sleaford and North Hykeham matter to Stoke-on-Trent. (4) by Ed Fordham
18th  Another massive Lib Dem GAIN from the Conservatives…in John Redwood country (19) by Caron Lindsay
  Political elites and why we think we need them (5) by Douglas Oliver
  Donald Trump, Twitter and distraction (11) by Caron Lindsay
  P-5: The oatcake crisis at Stoke-on-Trent Central HQ (6) by Ed Fordham
19th  Federal Policy Committee Report – 15 February 2017 (0) by Alisdair Calder McGregor
  LibLink: Norman Lamb: Time for honesty about future funding of our NHS (7) by NewsHound
  Vote Leave: Strong democratic case for referendum on the Brexit deal (1) by Caron Lindsay
  Tom Brake: Plans to divert aid for Brexit negotiations are a disgrace (0) by The Voice

Recent Comments

  • User AvatarAndrew McCaig 19th Feb - 2:22pm
    Alternatively, in classic Chancellor obfuscation, introduce the new social contribution on all incomes but simultaneously reduce the 12% NI rate!
  • User AvatarMartin 19th Feb - 2:19pm
    Further to Paul Barker's comment: From our Liberal perspective Brexit is clearly wrong from both principled and pragmatic standpoints. However in terms of what is...
  • User AvatarAndrew McCaig 19th Feb - 2:19pm
    One obvious solution is to progressively raise the rate of NI above the upper threshold to 12% . The idea that NI is only progressive...
  • User AvatarPhilip Rolle 19th Feb - 1:54pm
    @Laurence Cox Paying extra income tax does not confer enforceable rights. Paying a social insurance premium would. So if an operation was cancelled, a patient...
  • User Avatarpaul barker 19th Feb - 1:47pm
    The reason for our focus on Brexit is that once things start to happen it will be the dominant issue in British Politics, we are...
  • User AvatarAndrew Tampion 19th Feb - 1:46pm
    As a matter of fact none of the candidates to replace David Cameron did argue for a second referendum so the level of support for...