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Christmas tree in George Square, Glasgow – Some rights reserved by Paul Robertson

* Paul Walter is a Liberal Democrat activist in Newbury and West Berkshire. He is part of the Liberal Democrat Voice team and blogs at Liberal Burblings.


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  • User AvatarJayne mansfield 1st Sep - 9:19am
    @ Peter Watson @ SueS, Sorry SueS, I am with Peter Watson on this. It is profoundly depressing and explains why so many people who...
  • User AvatarAndy Connell 1st Sep - 9:00am
    The article is fine, thanks.
  • User Avatarjedibeeftrix 1st Sep - 8:18am
    @ John Tilley - "The myth that allowing workers into your country causes unemployment is hard to sustain. Germany has repeatedly taken hundreds of thousands...
  • User AvatarSteve 1st Sep - 8:10am
    Well, Farron has just lost any chance of me voting Lib Dem in 2020. His disgraceful attack on Corbyn for his defence of the rule...
  • User AvatarChris Foote-Wood 1st Sep - 8:05am
    Thank you for all your comments. First, I must apologise for making an error of fact: Walter James was the last surviving Liberal candidate who...
  • User AvatarNeil Sandison 1st Sep - 8:04am
    I don't know why we are getting hot under the collar about the Daily Express its been acting like UKIPs house journal for some considerable...