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  • User AvatarJohn Roffey 6th Jul - 3:09pm
    TCO 6th Jul '15 - 12:31pm "The problem is that in the context of governmental change, revolutions are usually violent. In a democratic society, no...
  • User AvatarCharlie 6th Jul - 3:04pm
    If we are to have quotas on boards, then surely there should be quotas for working in sewers . The health of cities is more...
  • User AvatarIainBB 6th Jul - 2:57pm
    You correctly identify Katherine Bavage's as the 'killer question'. It starts at about 2 hrs 58min on the video ( for which Jon Ball, formerly...
  • User AvatarCharlie 6th Jul - 2:54pm
    Using expensive weapons to blow up pick up cars appears a waste of money unless SF troops are sent it. As usual it comes down...
  • User Avatar(Matt Bristol) 6th Jul - 2:52pm
    Because I don't feel that relatively inactive members such as myself should have complete control of the party and that conference exists for a function,...
  • User AvatarCharlie 6th Jul - 2:49pm
    The american War of Independence was different; they started off wanting to send MPs to The House of Commons and enjoy the same rights as...
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