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The Limehouse Podcast has come about through total obsession with both politics and podcasts, the total obsession cannot be completely revealed for risk of losing any hopeful followers. Its name comes from The Limehouse declaration, the birth place of the SDP. It was decided upon whilst the podcast team were sat in a pub (how remarkably unique) awaiting the Richmond park by-election result – an omen if ever there was one. Bobby Dean PPC for Deptford can take the credit there!

We’ve constructed episodes (45-50 minutes long) that are more suited for those with their fingers not totally but somewhat on the pulse of politics. It’s entry level and lighthearted. We’ve got some fantastic interviews lined up from the likes of Norman Lamb, Paddy Ashdown and Nick Clegg. The podcast is divided into various sections. We talk about London issues then move daintily onto a featured interview with the likes of Mr Clegg after which there is a panel discussion about a national issue (NHS, PRISONS etc)  where we then draw the podcast to a close.

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Tim Farron on Gove’s interview with Trump


I expect that many of you will, like me, feel slightly sickened by Michael Gove’s interview of Donald Trump for The Times. Private Eye has a word for it…

Tim Farron has given a robust response:

Michael Gove has had a rare opportunity to put questions to the most divisive and reactionary President Elect in modern history and all we get is a puff piece from a clearly admiring fan.

In the same interview Trump told a German newspaper that NATO is obsolete, it will make for a more dangerous world if this view is strong enough for him to turn down his invite to this year’s summit.

This president warns that helping refugees, saving people escaping the horrors of war, is a bad idea and instead we should be lifting sanctions on Putin despite him backing Assad. This is a man lacking a moral compass who is about to be inaugurated as the President.

He has picked environmental protection and the desire to show compassion to the most needy as good reasons to leave Europe.”

I don’t know the shape of the Europe that Trump dreams of but I know it frightens me.

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Brexit Mandate – Theresa May should beware of an expiry date


On 23rd June 2016, as we all know, the British people (or at least those who voted) voted to leave the European Union.

This was a significant and historic result, but despite the claims of some, it was hardly decisive. As we remainers are fond of saying, even Nigel Farage said a 52-48 result would not settle the matter – although he seems to have ignored this ever since 24th June.

But more importantly, how long is the result valid for?

51.9 % of votes were for leave, 48.1% for remain. A majority of 1,229,501 sound impressive, but it was less than 3 in every hundred electors. Any MP or Councillor with a majority that small is only too aware that they are in a marginal seat with a tiny majority. It only takes less than 2 in every 100 people to change their mind and the result would be different.

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Would you like to serve on a policy working group?


The party sets up policy working groups to investigate a policy area in some depth over the course of 12 to 18 months. The aim of each group is to produce a policy paper, supported by a motion to conference, based on consultations with members and evidence from experts. You can see updates on the progress of the current policy working groups here.

And you can be part of such a working group. The outgoing Federal Policy Committee set up two new ones, and they are now calling for members.

If you are interested in Immigration and Identity and have some knowledge or expertise to bring to the group then click here.

If you would like to be part of the group looking at Power for People and Communities, then click here.

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Farron: There is no democratic mandate for a hard brexit

Tim Farron confirmed that Liberal Democrat MPs will vote against the triggering of Article 50 unless the Government agrees to a referendum on the final deal.

He added that Liberal Democrat peers would submit amendments calling for a referendum.

He was speaking to Andrew Neil on BBC1’s Sunday Politics.

Here are ac couple of clips:

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Scottish Lib Dems demand action on retention of police photos of innocent people

If it weren’t for the Scottish Liberal Democrats, the SNP Government would have nobody asking them awkward questions on civil liberties and forcing them to change policy.

And so it continues in 2017. In today’s Scotland on Sunday, Liam McArthur, our Justice Spokesperson continues the work by the much-missed Alison McInnes in demanding action on the Police retaining photos of people they arrest but who are never charged. From The Scotsman:

In the report published in January last year, HMICS warned that there was no statutory framework or legislation in Scotland regulating how the police use or retain photographic images.

While fingerprint and DNA samples are destroyed if criminal proceedings are dropped, mugshots are kept on the police’s “custody software” under a practice which predates the formation of Police Scotland.

Most images are kept for at least six years, but those accused of more serious offences have their mugshot retained for up to 12 years.

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At some point the Tories will run out of people to blame for the state of the NHS…

I went through just about every emotion there is watching BBC2’s new series Hospital which follows events and pressures at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington. Partly because some of what was shown is just a bit too close to my recent experience, partly because of the life and death decisions made every day with too few resources, I was in tears several times.  One man awaiting cancer surgery is told at the last minute that they don’t know if they will be able to operate because there isn’t an Intensive Care bed available for him.

This comes as every news bulletin carries ever more harrowing accounts of the pressures in hospitals at the moment. What is the response of the Minister responsible? To blame the public. He talked  saying that 30% of A & E patients don’t need to be there as if it is their fault that they have no other option. If people could get GP appointments or had community pharmacies to go to, they would never need to go to A & E. Whose fault is it that they have no alternative? Step forward Mr Hunt.

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