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ALDC management committee – election results

Here are the results of the election of the Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors (ALDC) Management Committee for 2016-2018:


Baroness Cllr Kath Pinnock (Kirklees)

Mayor Dave Hodgson (Bedford)

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ALDC’s By-election report – 13 October 2016

ALDC Master Logo (for screen)ALDC monitors and records the results of council by-elections on behalf of the Liberal Democrats. All our by-election results are also posted on our website.

Another busy night saw 10 principal by-elections, all in England and all with Lib Dem candidates. Fielding a full slate in the principal by-elections around the country in itself is a fantastic achievement.

One to watch this week was Broadstone ward in Poole with a by-election triggered by the resignation of the sitting Conservative councillor. Candidate Vikki Slade is fighting Conservative plans to bus services and youth services and will be a strong local voice, standing up for residents. Vikki and the team have convincingly beat the Tories into second place with a 24% swing and getting 69.3%. Fantastic work and well done!

Vikki Slade plus teamThe results in full are:
LD Vikki Slade 2184
Conservative 733
UKIP 121
Green 57
Labour 45
Majority: 1451
 LD gain from Conservatives
(Percentage change since 2015)

Two by-elections in Tim Farron country saw the team hold two seats for the Lib Dems on Cumbria County Council and South Lakeland District Council. They did this with a convincing lead over the Tories of 224 votes and 185 respectively. Well done to Steve Rooke who is now elected to Cumbria County Council and Andrew Jarvis elected to South Lakeland District Council.

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Making a few calls could make all the difference in Witney

ALDC Master Logo (for screen)At ALDC, our usual by-election HQ has been taken over by supporters phoning for Witney – and what a positive experience it has been!

Lots of our newer party members have used the Witney by-election as an opportunity for some training, and this has been no different on the phones. Last week we were joined by Sally who joined the Lib Dems only a few weeks ago and is now signed up to join us again for the remained of the campaign.

With just a week to go, we need many more people to hit the phone to reach to all of the voters!

There are three easy ways you can help on the phones.

1. Make calls from home. This could not be easier and if you are already on Connect, you should automatically see the list in the Virtual Phone Bank. Alternatively use the Open Virtual Phone Bank –https://www.openvpb.com/vpb_bycode/C82DE1G-3349

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Mayor Dave Hodgson elected as Chair of the Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors

Dave Hodgson at Polling Station in Bedford 15 Oct 2009wNominations have closed for members to serve on the Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors (ALDC) Management Committee, 2016-2018.

Mayor Dave Hodgson has been elected as the next Chair of ALDC.

Dave Hodgson has been the Liberal Democrat Elected Mayor of Bedford Borough since 2009. Dave was previously a Councillor on Bedford Borough Council, having first been elected in 2002, and was leader of the Liberal Democrat group on the Council prior to his election as Mayor.

Dave has previously run his own business in the North East, and worked as an IT lecturer at universities in London and the North-East. Dave serves as the Liberal Democrat lead on the LGA’s Improvement and Innovation Board. He has held a number of posts in the Liberal Democrats, including Regional Campaigns Officer and Regional Chair, and worked as the party’s Membership Development Officer for England. He has also worked as a full time agent.

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ALDC’s by-election report – 29 September 2016

ALDC Master Logo (for screen)This week has seen eight principal council by-elections across the country with Lib Dem candidates contesting six of them.

The team in North Norfolk have faced another by-election, this time in Glaven Valley with our great candidate Karen Ward. This was a Lib Dem defence and the team managed the following result:

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ALDC’s by-election report – 22 September 2016

ALDC Master Logo (for screen)This week has seen ten prinicipal council by-elections across the country – nine on Thursday and one on Tuesday night. Lib Dem candidates contested seven of the ten.

In the Tuesday night by-election in Plasnewydd (Cardiff) Lib Dem candidate Robin Rea had a spectacular win, gaining the ward from Labour with a 48.1% share of the vote (up +15.4% since the ward was last contested in 2012). Labour were pushed into second place on 34.8%, and Plaid Cymru, the Conservatives and the Greens all saw a drop in their vote share.  Congratulations to Cllr Rea and the team in Plasnewydd for an excellent result to round off our party conference!

Thursday night saw yet more Lib Dem gains. Alison Eden and the team in Teignmouth Central ward, Teignbridge BC almost doubled the Lib Dem vote share to gain the ward from the Conservatives. Alison and won the ward with an amazing 51.1% of the vote (+26.8% since 2015) and a majority of 205. Both the Conservatives and Labour both saw a drop in their vote share (of -3.7% and -8.1% respectively). Congratulations to Cllr Eden & the team for such an impressive result!

Another Lib Dem gain came in the form of Hadleigh ward, Suffolk County Council, where Trevor Sheldrick pushed the Tories into second place and won the ward with a 182 vote majority (36.2%; +12.0%).  A huge congratulations to Cllr Sheldrick and the team!

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ALDC’s by-election report – 15 September 2016

Cllr David Hancock and teamLast night saw six principal council by-elections held across the country and there were some fantastic results for the Lib Dems!

David Hancock and the team in Tupton ward in North East Derbyshire stormed to victory in a Labour stronghold with a 37.4% share of the vote. The team in Tupton worked incredibly hard on the ground to push Labour’s share of the vote down 33.9% (a decrease of 33.2%) following the resignation of a local Labour councillor.  The Conservatives came in third with 19.3% (-13.6%). Huge congratulations go to Cllr Hancock and everyone involved in the campaign – it really does show how hard work and determination in by-elections can pay off.

In Bishop’s Castle (Shropshire) candidate Jonny Keeley held the Lib Dem seat following the resignation of Charlotte Barnes. Jonny and the team ran a strong grassroots local campaign with extensive door knocking in the ward.  They comfortably held the seat with a 61% share of the vote, keeping the Tories in second place with 29.7% share of the vote.

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