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Paul Staines: not the Messiah, just a very naughty boy

A week ago, Damian McBride was still the Prime Minister’s chief media advisor, and LabourList’s Derek Draper was attempting to laugh off as blokeish banter the emails which implicated Number 10 in smears against senior Tories. But, then, we know what they say about a week in politics.

Paul Staines, sole author of the Guido Fawkes’ blog, has had a good week, given ample, respectable print space to repeat a central point he’s been making for years: that those political journalists who are part of the ‘lobby’ system have failed democracy:

Though the fourth estate may not have a formal

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  • User AvatarHelen Dudden 5th May - 12:54pm
    But Nick Cleggs MPs have no interest in the laws when it's not working. You either do what I did get the textbooks out or...
  • User AvatarCaron Lindsay 5th May - 12:52pm
    Oh, I think efforts will be made in that direction!
  • User Avatarmatt (Bristol) 5th May - 12:47pm
    Hrrmph. .
  • User AvatarWilliam Hobhouse 5th May - 12:46pm
    I'd say a Lab-Con coalition would provide a stable government (a big majority) and would allow the Lib Dems to rebuild in opposition. When all...
  • User Avatarmatt (Bristol) 5th May - 12:43pm
    I am genuinely trying to keep an open mind, but I distrust the apparent unity of the Tories during this election and feel it will...
  • User AvatarDavid Evans 5th May - 12:33pm
    Great reply. Even better that Liam's note to Danny and his reply. However, to have real effect it needs to get in the national news...