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Where is the British Borgen?

Alastair Campbell asked an interesting (if not altogether original) question on Twitter this morning:

As a massive fan of The West Wing, and an avid viewer of Borgen, it is a question I have also thought about. Britain is the world leader in political satire, yet we must be close to bottom of the league when it comes to political drama.

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Opinion: Hug a Hoodie or Mug a Hoodie? What would Borgen do?

It’s really rather a good feeling being a Danish Brit nowadays. Repeated requests for jumper-knitting instructions are admittedly a drawback, but one I can live with. More interesting are daily questions about policy matters as practised Borgen style. (For those who’ve been living under a stone for the past several months, “Borgen” is short for Christiansborg, the Danish Parliament building as well as the title of the appointment-to-view Danish version of the West Wing).

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    "Sanders said in 1998 that investment banks and commercial banks should remain separate entities." Good idea, even now.
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    Maybe having real solutioins for many of todays problems is something that might help.
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    I think it's as much about language as background. I've learnt that anyone using phrases such as 'postcode lottery' 'race to the bottom' 'you can't...