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A letter from……Catalonia

As the UK plans a referendum on Scottish independence, those of us watching from Spain can only look on in envy at the orderly and civilised process led by the Secretary of State for Scotland. Here in Catalonia, Northern Spain, similar demand exists for an independent state, but the two sides have chosen indignation and confrontation instead of a serious debate.

The last two years have been tough for all EU governing parties and Spain has unique problems, with its sky-high unemployment levels, corruption and a rickety banking system. But this month Catalans will go to the polls in a general

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  • User AvatarChrisB 27th Dec - 12:06pm
    I'm with Jeremy, and very much agree with Merel above. If you let your kid get so embroiled in advertising and toys that it changes...
  • User AvatarTsar Nicolas 27th Dec - 11:35am
    ChrisB & Peter Watson I noted yesterday on another thread the five stages of grief identified by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. They are Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression...
  • User AvatarChrisB 27th Dec - 11:24am
    @Peter Watson You're saving my fingers from hitting the keys! Anyone thinking LDV comments makes a jot of difference externally are off their chumps. Paul...
  • User AvatarTsar Nicolas 27th Dec - 11:17am
    ChrisB I like your phrase, the 'Spring Miracle.' It has a sort of CIA-flavour about it, like one of their colour revolutions. In fact, I...
  • User AvatarChrisB 27th Dec - 11:03am
    "They are still £800 better off than they would have been. " This Government has raised their take on me over and over again, people...
  • User AvatarChrisB 27th Dec - 10:29am
    It's not often I agree with Raddiy, but on this subject he's more realistic than Paul Barker's Spring Miracle.
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