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Opinion: Answers on no more than 2 sides of A4 (part 3)

In the last part of my series of articles on The Importance of Teaching schools White Paper published by the government last month, I want to look at the proposals for changes to the measurement of schools’ performance. The first two pieces were on exclusion and the range of languages included in the proposed English Baccalaureate.

Contextual Value Added

The value added by schools is in many ways more important that the actual raw results achieved – is a school good because its students have got the results commensurate with their potential when they entered the school, or because …

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  • User AvatarJohn Roffey 3rd May - 10:35am
    Eddie Sammon 2nd May '15 - 5:44pm "John Roffey, no, I also wouldn’t divide England completely due to the single market, but I don’t want...
  • User AvatarJohn Roffey 3rd May - 10:11am
    The party NC has supported since his student days - has always been blue. Is he also an avid supporter of a Midlands football club...
  • User AvatarSara Scarlett 3rd May - 10:09am
    This is actually disgusting. A rich and powerful man. One of the most privileged individuals on the face of the Earth, is rewarding the so-called...
  • User AvatarStephen Hesketh 3rd May - 10:07am
    TCO, immediately above you state "I’ve no idea who “Sara Scarlet” is; that you readily believed we were friends confirms that you wish to pigeonhole...
  • User AvatarRuth Bright 3rd May - 10:07am
    Alas, alas 9 DUP would mean defeat for Naomi Long.
  • User AvatarSimon Oliver 3rd May - 10:06am
    Here's a completely off the wall idea. Coalition for the Union, with Clegg as prime minister acting as conciliator and buffer between Tories and labour....