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Large-scale redundancy consultation period to be halved, says Swinson

Liberal Democrat Employment Minister Jo Swinson has announced that the formal consultation period employers must carry out by law when making more than 100 employees redundant will, from April, be cut from 90 days to 45 days.

According to this  BBC report, a consultation showed “strong support” for the changes. I can only imagine this must have been amongst employers because, frankly, it would take a special employee to favour doing themselves out of six and a half weeks’ pay.

It is worth pointing out, though, that people who work for very small employers have the right to individual consultation, but …

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  • User AvatarTsar Nicolas 29th Jan - 12:13pm
    "I suspect it does make sense to investigate fracking." Or we could seek detente with Russia for the sake of planet earth.
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    ". But this compares to £3 billion in tax breaks given to companies for fossil fuel exploration in the North Sea" This is nonsense ....
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    Anyone remember Rosie's rabbit that appeared in an SDP PPB some years ago. Hit an all time low in the genre.
  • User AvatarStephen Johnson 29th Jan - 11:56am
    Malcolm, A key premise of this article is that it will be easier to bring about electoral reform if we make it easy to change....