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Opinion: You know what, equality impact assessments can be quite useful

Rainbow - Some rights reserved by @Doug88888Equality Impact Assessments are carried out by local councils to judge how their decisions will affect some of the most marginal communities in their area. But there are calls now to scrap the process as part of the Tory mantra on scrapping red tape.

I know that some authorities have turned EIAs into the worst extremes of political correctness gone mad.

But the truth is that councils (and the Government too please) should be

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  • User AvatarDavid wilkinson 28th Aug - 12:49pm
    The answer to Matthew Huntbach's question of can the Lib Dems use this by election to expose UKIP on its policies, its NO. A large...
  • User AvatarLittle Jackie Paper 28th Aug - 12:46pm
    Matthew Huntbach - Absolutely. It's coming to something when people like Farage and Boris Johnson are seen as, 'political outsiders,' and men of the people....
  • User AvatarMatthew Huntbach 28th Aug - 12:32pm
    This by-election should be used to expose UKIP as a party of the extreme economic right which cynically hides that behind a superficial image of...
  • User AvatarT-J 28th Aug - 12:30pm
    Interesting times indeed. I have to admit that I have less than no sympathy for the Tory plight here, hopefully we're witnessing the fatal schism...
  • User AvatarRichard Dean 28th Aug - 12:27pm
    T-J. I've got it now! The nice Scotsman who told me I'm stupid for not realising it was a jokey negotiating stance, and who now...
  • User AvatarColin Ross 28th Aug - 12:27pm
    It is nice to see a defecting MP resign their seat and restand under their new Party label.