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5 points on Clegg’s admission that Coalition was wrong to cut capital spending

Nick Clegg in DublinNick Clegg has sparked a flurry of excitement with his admission in an interview for The House magazine that the Coalition cut capital spending ‘too far, too fast’ to coin a phrase. Here’s what he said to Paul Waugh and Sam Macrory:

“If I’m going to be sort of self-critical, there was this reduction in capital spending when we came into the Coalition Government. I think we comforted ourselves at the time that it was actually no more than what Alistair Darling spelt out

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  • User AvatarRussel McPhate 4th May - 8:57am
    Despite being the agent in my Constituency I have toyed with the idea of a tactical vote for Labour more than once in the past...
  • User AvatarHelen Dudden 4th May - 8:52am
    Do you believe that justice failings are important? Your Party does not, these concern children.
  • User Avatarexpats 4th May - 8:44am
  • User Avatarbob sayer 4th May - 8:43am
    I like the wild colonial boys view that you can trust Labour to do anything. Did not vote for Lords reform ,failed to assist amendments...
  • User Avatarexpats 4th May - 8:43am
    RC 4th May '15 - 8:22am ..................Labour left us more exposed to that crash than almost any other major economy with an over-expanded and under...
  • User AvatarNick Barlow 4th May - 8:40am
    Beyond the uncertainty it would cause for the country, the problem with Cameron's referendum proposal is that there's no appetite with the rest of the...