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LibLink | Shirley Williams: After all the arguments, where next for the NHS?

Shirley Williams writes in the Times today of her strong support for Future Forum’s recommendations for NHS reform, and suggests that listening exercises may be the way forward for future policy-setting:

Like many others, I was sceptical about the listening exercise. It seemed to me a way for the Government to win time so that it could rethink its proposals for NHS reform in the light of great scepticism from medical organisations, distinguished think-tanks, health service managers and staff, and, not least, doctors.

My concerns were not justified. The Future Forum, chaired by Professor Steve Field, himself for many

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  • User AvatarDav 27th Nov - 3:57pm
    And that immigration doesn’t adversely affect any of those things It clearly affects social cohesion, though, because it increases the diversity of people within society....
  • User AvatarDavid Evans 27th Nov - 3:55pm
    Apologies - Woolton not Walton.
  • User AvatarGlenn Andrews 27th Nov - 3:53pm
    Difficult as it is to guage the mood of absolutely everyone within any given constituency, but as a Cheltonian that looks about right to me.
  • User AvatarDavid Evans 27th Nov - 3:53pm
    Anders - Hallam going Labour is not beyond the bounds of probability and I am sure the Lib Dems in Sheffield are doing everything they...
  • User AvatarStephen Hesketh 27th Nov - 3:51pm
    Amalric27th Nov '14 - 3:37pm The difficulty in providing an edit function for LDV posts appears to be at least as intractable as those facing...
  • User AvatarDavid Evans 27th Nov - 3:42pm
    I'm afraid Nick is the problem. His decisions on Tuition Fees, NHS reform, Secret Courts, "an end to broken promises" etc have made him massively...