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Election law snippets

MPs who suffer mental health problems will benefit from the government’s decision to back a Bill going through Parliament:

The Deputy Prime Minister announced that the Government is backing the Mental Health (Discrimination) Bill brought forward by Gavin Barwell MP, which receives Second Reading in the House of Commons today.

The Bill repeals section 141 of the Mental Health Act, which sets out that an MP automatically loses their seat if detained under the Act for more than six months. It also amends similar discriminatory provisions in legislation concerning

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Five MPs face questions over election expenses – how good are their answers?

Channel 4’s investigation with the Bureau of Investigative Journalism into MPs’ election expenses has raised questions about another five MPs in addition to Zac Goldsmith.

Having already looked at some of the legal questions around Zac Goldsmith, how do the other five stack up? Two raise important points of how the law should be interpreted, one has unclear evidence so far and two appear to involve administrative errors without any actual overspending.

First, the legal issues.

Phil Woolas (Labour), who is already facing a court hearing in the autumn over his election campaign, is accused of not declaring leaflets that …

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  • User AvatarMr Wallace 3rd May - 10:55pm
    A party without a vision is a party with no purpose or need to exist. What vision for this country do the Lib Dems present...
  • User AvatarMalcolm Todd 3rd May - 10:46pm
    Meant to say (oh for an edit button!) "Of course there was a Lib Dem MP in the Home Office at the time."
  • User AvatarMalcolm Todd 3rd May - 10:45pm
    Of course there was a Lib Dem MP at the time. -- Of course it wasn't Lynne Featherstone and it's right to point that out;...
  • User AvatarEddie Sammon 3rd May - 10:38pm
    Some people seem to be pretty anti tactical voting, but I think the future of "liberalism" depends on not splitting the vote. We should have...
  • User AvatarSteve Way 3rd May - 10:38pm
    Tuition fees aside, Lynne has been fantastic during this parliament and doesn't deserve this smear. Sadly there was a Lib Dem in the Home Office...
  • User AvatarSIMON BANKS 3rd May - 10:21pm
    Odd they think he's at his best giving party conference speeches. In these and similar settings, to me he generally seems bland and uninspiring. His...