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The Green Book – new directions for Liberals in government

green-bookYesterday saw the launch of a book project that I’ve been working on with colleagues over the last year. Between us, we persuaded 27 authors to put pen to paper and say what should be in a programme for government, one that’s fit for the world we live in today. Some 70 people from business, NGOs, academia, think-tanks and political parties joined us in Westminster for the launch.

Our choice of the title “Green Book” is a very conscious nod towards the Orange Book of a decade ago and indeed Lloyd George’s Yellow Book – really authored by John Maynard Keynes – 85 years ago. Last week I wrote how times have changed since then.

Each author has a specific point of view but all were united in saying we can’t go on as we are, both as a country and as a party. As editors, we were clear that the LibDems are now a party of national government; we need a programme to put before the voters that’s frank about the challenges Britain faces: the first industrialised nation that has largely exhausted its natural resources and now has to compete for energy, food and raw materials with the burgeoning economies of India, Brazil and China.

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    Samuel Griffiths The Liberal Democrats hands were not tied, they were a very serious risk to the government. You are forgetting your history, I fear,...
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    Ruth " it is right to reward people for being in work" I couldn't agree more. In my country we call that "pay". The point...
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    So TCO broadly the groupings would be: 1) UKIP + the extreme wing of the Tory party 2) The more moderate wing of the Tory...
  • User AvatarMatthew Huntbach 6th May - 5:15pm
    If the Liberal Democrats get about half UKIP’s votes (8% against 14%) but about 10 times as many MPs 20 – 30 against 2 –...
  • User AvatarManfarang 6th May - 5:13pm
    Stephen Campbell Yes my neighbour was a diabetic, Type 1. He lived alone He passed out in his garden one night.Unfortunately it was in the...