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The Independent View: The crisis in Egypt is not in anyone’s interest

egypt fistsThe reaction of the US and EU governments to the crackdown on protestors in Ukraine has been swift. EU governments seem to be considering possible sanctions on Ukrainian officials, the US warned the Ukrainian Government of “consequences” on relations, and the Prime Minister of Ukraine was not allowed to speak at the World Economic Forum at Davos. This stern reaction comes as up to five protestors have been killed in clashes with the police in Kiev over the past week.

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Opinion: Apostasy and Saudi Arabia

Jeddah Corniche - Some rights reserved by CharlesFredRaif Badawi, a Saudi Arabian liberal writer, was arrested on June 17 in Jeddah and charged with ‘insulting Islam through electronic channels’ and ‘going beyond the realm of obedience’. His ‘crime’ at that point appeared to be setting up an online forum, Free Saudi Liberals, and attending a meeting in Cairo on May 7 of the Arab Alliance for Freedom and Democracy, but the words that constitute the offence were not specified.

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    The consideration of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, whilst limited by the practical considerations others have pointed out, they do raise an important point, namely what is...
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    @Refitman - ' “The mess Labour left” – yep, gotten quite sick of that now.' I would if I were you, sadly the damage done...
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    I'm sorry if it's terrible netiquette to quote oneself or repeat a post from another thread, but in the context of Lib Dem MPs and...
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    Good Evening, how's u? I'm a Trade Unionist, Labour Supporter & Left Winger etc myself. I voted yes for the A. V & I've vote...
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    Peter Black may have misread this piece Caron. He has tweeted (and it has been re-tweeted by Joe Otten) that Labour didn't turn up to...