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By-election roundup for 10 December 2009

We’ll update this post as new info comes in.

Bearsden South's new Councillor Ashay Ghai with Jo Swinson MP

East Dunbartonshire Council, Bearsden South

Lib Dem gain from Conservatives
The results of this STV election in full:

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    Really meant alot to me*
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    @Julie Maxton. Thank you for your reply it really alot to me. I'm so glad you atleast see from my point of view. As hopefully...
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    Caroline Lucas is one of the very few politicians I respect and trust. It's unfair to lump her with Russell Brand in my view,
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    ...............He is an old fashioned socialist. He wants to nationalise everything, leave NATO, dispense with any sort of fiscal caution. To go any further left...