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In other news… Vince upsets Tories, Liverpool to choose mayor, Radcliffe hexes Clegg, and Hughes settles with Murdoch

Here’s a round-up of stories we haven’t had time to cover on the site this past week…

  • Cable sticks by Les Ebdon as his choice of ‘university tsar’ – the Lib Dem business secretary is opening up a rift in the Coalition:

    Business Secretary Vince Cable is standing by his candidate to head the university fair access watchdog, despite a rejection by MPs. Les Ebdon had been put forward by ministers as their preference for director of the Office for Fair Access. But MPs on a select committee have voted to try to block the appointment. However ministers are not backing

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    • User AvatarJane 29th Jun - 8:00am
      The Lib Dems are on the wrong side of history. Yes it's important to protect EU citizens and to tackle racism. Frankly it's even more...
    • User AvatarSpencer Hagard 29th Jun - 6:32am
      Richard - thank you. I have long felt the same. The BBC broadcasts from Budapest in October 1956, together with 'the West's' preoccupation with Britain...
    • User AvatarNom de Plume 29th Jun - 6:15am
      If this goes badly wrong Cameron will be remembered as the worst PM since Chamberlain.
    • User AvatarNom de Plume 29th Jun - 6:03am
      Yes, conservatives making pacts with the far right does not have a good history.
    • User AvatarDavid-1 29th Jun - 3:46am
      Let me just remind everyone that, thanks to the Liberal Democrats, at least 434 MPs are required to vote to dissolve Parliament before the country...
    • User AvatarDavid-1 29th Jun - 2:44am
      "There are some Constitutional lawyers saying that MP’s must now vote on whether to accept the outcome of the referendum." Yes, but these are just...