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Scottish Euro-selection: George Lyon reselected at top of list

George Lyon MEP has been reselected at the top of the list in the Scottish Liberal Democrats’ European selections. Although the votes were counted last Thursday, the results were only announced this afternoon because of a delay in contacting one of the candidates.

Lyon attracted 80.7% of first preferences which will give him bragging rights over Sir Graham Watson in the South West who must have thought his total of 79% would not be beaten.

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  • User AvatarGeoffrey Payne 23rd May - 12:04pm
    There was something wrong about the rules for the presidential elections given that there were 4 women wanting to be candidates and not enough representatives...
  • User AvatarAlex Macfie 23rd May - 11:43am
    @Stuart Lambert: You miss my point, which was an attack on the "it was worth going back to almost fitting in a taxi for the...
  • User AvatarGeoffrey Payne 23rd May - 11:40am
    You can attack the other parties all you like, they still need a reason to vote Lib Dem as an alternative. What you have to...
  • User AvatarPaul In Wokingham 23rd May - 11:23am
    The NO campaign made heavy use of an image of a young couple with a baby and the strapline "She deserves a mother and a...
  • User AvatarAlex Macfie 23rd May - 11:16am
    @TCO We as a party ALLOWED local elections to be about our record in Coalition because Clegg and his coterie insisted on making all our...
  • User AvatarMark Littlewood 23rd May - 11:13am
    Someone estimated to me that the total full time payroll of those employed full time by/for the LibDems is going to fall from about 150...
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