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Clarification on fire safety regulations in the Palace of Westminster

On 27th November we published a post under the headline: Knight: How can we get MPs to take their own fire safety more seriously?.

We have now received a letter from Sir Ken Knight (no relation to Stephen Knight, referred to in the headline) who is the Government’s Chief Fire and Rescue Adviser and Head of the Crown Inspection Premises Group.

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Knight: How can we get MPs to take their own fire safety more seriously?

This story would have been so appropriate on 5th November. But London Assembly member Stephen Knight took an opportunity last week to ask this question  at the meeting of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority.

In August 2012 it was reported that another fire in the Palace of Westminster had left the House of Commons and other areas closed off, and that a report to the House of Commons Commission has apparently identified significant fire risks with boilers “ready to blow”! Is the Chairman concerned at the

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How long can Boris Johnson carry on defending the indefensible?

Caroline Pidgeon is a Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member and member of the London Fire Emergency and Planning Authority (LFEPA)

Walking out of a meeting as a protest is something I would not normally recommend, but last week I felt had no other option and left a key budget meeting of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority (LFEPA). Both the Lib Dem leader on the Fire Authority, Councillor Ed Butcher from Haringey, and I knew we had to make a protest at the decision of the Conservative Chair Brian Coleman to prohibit TV cameras from filming the meeting, and Coleman’s decision to …

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    Oh, Moggy, and huge amounts of garlic, too. And you probably have to click your heels a four figure number of times.
  • User AvatarCaron Lindsay 3rd May - 11:56pm
    Only if there is treaty change. Not just because. Actually, we do have the opportunity, if there has to be a referendum, to influence it...
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    Caron? I thought Nick favoured an in/out referendum and that this was always lib den policy?
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    In Rochester the realistic tactical voting choice to get rid of UKIP is voting tory. So very large nose peg required.
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    Geoffrey, that is nonsense about Jeremy. Complete and utter fabrication, insofar as his reasons for standing down go.
  • User AvatarMoggy 3rd May - 11:49pm
    Isn't the point that this allegation was made at the constituency hustings days before, and corrected there, but still the leaflets were printed and distributed,...