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Opinion: Shared Parental Leave? Why Bother?

Nick Clegg’s announcement today may be overshadowed by various rows in the media, but this is an historic moment. Parents will soon be able to share 50 weeks of the 52 weeks maternity leave entitlement, and everyone will have the right to request flexible working.

Why does this matter?

Because we are wasting the talent of our women workers to such an extent that when women start a family they often take a drop in their pay, lose the opportunity for promotion or even can find themselves locked out of the labour market. About one million women are missing from the …

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    Even Windsor has its Republicans. Me, for example.
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    @David Evans I see you choose to ignore my substantive point. Perhaps you could share the reality of how conference reps are chosen in your...
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    @ Alistair - "We already lost all but one MEP. Now he is gambling our EU membership for his nebulous red lines" Two questions: 1....
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    Can someone confirm: am I right in believing that the coalition agreement in 2010 was pretty much a "done deal" prior to the Birmingham Conference,...