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LibLink…Paddy Ashdown: If you’re opposed to drones, then think again

In Liberal Democrat circles, when Barack Obama is discussed, it’s generally agreed that he’s doing a grand job except for the not insignificant matter of the extra-judicial killings and the use of unmanned drone attacks.

Paddy Ashdown has expressed a different view writing in today’s Times describing drones as the most “democratic” weapon ever invented.

As a lifelong peace-loving hippy, you’d expect that I would have been the first to head Paddy’s advice:

 war is a revolting practice and cannot be discussed without using revolting words. So the squeamish and those morally offended by all violence should look away now.

I didn’t, though. Partly …

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  • User AvatarTsar Nicolas 20th Nov - 10:37pm
    IF TTIP is so good, why has it been largely hidden from public view? Where is the public debate, as there was over joining Europe...
  • User AvatarExiled Scot 20th Nov - 10:35pm
    Just wanted to say Emily Thornberry - ha, ha ha.
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    Peter 20th Nov '14 - 9:17pm Well, fancy stumbling on David 'green crap' Cameron on LDV. You have no idea do you. Not even a...
  • User Avatarsuzanne fletcher 20th Nov - 9:53pm
    To answer Richard Dean, "circumstances beyond their control" covers such as an asylum seeker who has not been given leave to remain in the UK...
  • User AvatarTsar Nicolas 20th Nov - 9:29pm
    I wonder if anyone can tell me how easy it is for a Jewish person in Israel to marry a non Jewish person.
  • User AvatarPeter 20th Nov - 9:17pm
    Mr Davey has taken £650 million from hard pressed taxpayers who have trouble heating their homes and is giving it to the rich leaders of...