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Your essential weekend reader — 12 must-read articles you may have missed

It’s Saturday evening, so here are twelve thought-provoking articles to stimulate your thinking juices culled from the 50+ I’ve linked to from my Delcicious account this last week…

Groundhog year – Peter Kellner examines the polls to find how 12 months’ political turmoil has shifted popular opinion. The answer — not at all: ‘public reaction this year to Britain’s continuing economic troubles has been remarkably static. 2012 has been groundhog year.’

What next? Osborne needs a change of direction – Adam Posen, a former …

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Forgotten Liberal heroes: Margaret Wintringham

Listen to Liberal Democrats make speeches and there are frequent references to historical figures, but drawn from a small cast. Just the quartet of John Stuart Mill, William Gladstone, David Lloyd George, David Penhaligon corner almost all of the market, especially since Bob Maclennan stopped making speeches to party conference. Some of the forgotten figures deserve their obscurity but others do not. Charles James Fox’s defence of civil liberties against a dominating government during wartime or Earl Grey’s leading of the party back into power and major constitutional reform are good examples of mostly forgotten figures who could

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Daily View 2×2: 1 December 2009

Welcome to December (political pinch-punch and no returns?)

Today is World Aids Day and also 90 years since the first female MP, Nancy Astor, took her seat in the Commons.

2 Must-Read Blog Posts

What are other Liberal Democrat bloggers saying? Here are two posts that have caught the eye from the Liberal Democrat Blogs aggregator:

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    *applause and whistling*
  • User AvatarSandy Leslie 1st Jul - 1:59pm
    So far I have not seen an explanation as to why any of the remaining Tory hopefuls would engineer 2 votes of no confidence and...
  • User AvatarChris Bertram 1st Jul - 1:52pm
    @john - It's the only analysis I've been able to find. If there's another that tells a different story, then fine, let's see it. But...
  • User AvatarCaron Lindsay 1st Jul - 1:35pm
    I think this is a brilliant piece. Immigration is good for all of us and its benefits are seen in things we have or use...
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    @Dave - we can certainly try at the local level to ensure enough houses are built. I suspect our efforts are often focused on the...
  • User AvatarSuzanne fletcher 1st Jul - 1:31pm
    On hols in EU so only skimmed these comments but a lot about immigration being said. Can I suggest people refer to our policy doc...