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Willie Rennie MSP’s New Year Message: 3 vital issues we must tackle in 2013

Saltire - St Andrews Flag - Scotland - Some rights reserved by byronv2After the merriment of Christmas, New Year is a time to look forward. A time to set new goals and ambitions. A time to confront those things that we have put off in previous years.

For most, this will mean eating less and exercising more but as a nation we are confronted with far greater challenges than losing a few pounds.

The welfare state was constructed and sustained with the goal of eradicating what Beveridge called “the five giant evils of society” – squalor, ignorance, want, idleness and disease.

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  • User AvatarStephen Hesketh 6th May - 7:21am
    Conor McGovern 6th May '15 - 3:43am "Norman Baker for Home Secretary. :)" Hmmm ... Norman Baker for Shadow Home Secretary :-)
  • User AvatarStephen Hesketh 6th May - 7:08am
    David Evans 5th May '15 - 11:41pm "TCO Simple maths depends upon sophisticated understanding, not made up numbers and the justification of existing prejudices. Sadly...
  • User AvatarColin 6th May - 7:00am
    The most amusing (and the most aggravating) lesson from this election is how undemocratic the main parties are, at a fundamental level. For party political...
  • User AvatarAlistair 6th May - 6:33am
    @TCO - very good :) Clegg still needs to go though, asap. I wouldnt rehire a childminder who constantly loses kids and by the same...
  • User AvatarConor McGovern 6th May - 3:43am
    Norman Baker for Home Secretary. :)
  • User AvatarGlenn 6th May - 2:45am
    Mathew, The coalition was the result of a hung parliament. Niether pary got a majority. People making a choice had nothing to do with it....