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Norman Lamb writes: A landmark for the NHS – and a line in the sand for mental health

The first mandate between the Government and the NHS Commissioning Board was published today, setting out the priorities for the health service over the next two years. It reaffirms our commitment to a comprehensive and universal NHS, available to all based on need rather than on your ability to pay. Its overriding aim is to make the NHS work better for patients.

The Mandate was drawn up following widespread consultation over the summer. Key goals contained within it include:

  • Improving standards of care, especially for the elderly
  • Better diagnosis,

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Nick Clegg’s speech on NHS reforms: “We’ve listened, we’ve learned”

Nick Clegg has given a speech today at a joint press conference with David Cameron and Andrew Lansley, on NHS reform and the results of the listening exercise.

This comes on the morning that a Telegraph leader declared:

The Lib Dem conference changed everything. Grass roots activists made it clear to Nick Clegg that they would not accept the wider involvement of the private sector championed by Mr Lansley or what they considered to be his undue emphasis on competition. Ever since, the reforms have been in trouble and the three-month “pause” ordered by Mr Cameron sealed their fate. The NHS

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  • User AvatarAlex Dingwall 24th May - 5:35pm
    Sorry Willie but this is not good enough. It appears that when faced with putting our values in to action or opting for political calculation...
  • User AvatarMartin 24th May - 5:31pm
    Can anyone help with the protocol here? Carmichael was not an MP but was a minister when he released the civil servant's report. Carmichael has...
  • User Avatarpaul barker 24th May - 5:18pm
    I dont like Referenedums for anything except major Constitutional change, theres a reason why they are popular with Dictators - they are easy to manipulate...
  • User AvatarDavid Cooper 24th May - 5:16pm
    All very well, but the whole party membership is waiting on Russell Brand . Should we even vote? Please, please, Russell: vouchsafe us a sign.
  • User AvatarTCO 24th May - 5:14pm
    @Ian "As one who returned my membership card soon after the 2010 election, when I realised that the party’s MPs were going to support the...
  • User AvatarTCO 24th May - 5:09pm
    @John Tilley did you attend a grammar school?
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