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Three “disgusting, eco-fascist, bullying” questions for Conservatives

Cast your world-weary, battle-hardened, politico and political eyes over this disgusting filth spewing from the keyboard of swivel-eyed maniacs working through the night on behalf of some disreputable campaign to send vile messes to hard working Tory PPCs:

Can you clarify that:

You accept that climate change is caused by human activity?

Do you support the target to achieve 15% renewable energy by 2020?

Do you support the EU imposing tougher regulation to combat climate change?

Hardly the worst questions a campaigner will receive.

In my brief time working in politics both as an elected representative myself and for MEPs and MPs, I have seen some …

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Former Lib Dem MP raises fear of sword attacker’s move

Today’s Telegraph reports on the concerns of former Cheltenham Lib Dem MP Nigel Jones, who was injured, and local councillor Andrew Pennington killed, in a brutal attack during a constituency surgery:

A former MP who was attacked by one of his constituents with a samurai sword fears for his safety after his assailant said he wants to move to a town just nine miles away. Lord Jones of Cheltenham is so concerned that Robert Ashman wants to live in nearby Gloucester that he is meeting Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary, to express his concerns. Ashman, now 58, stabbed and killed

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  • User AvatarEddie Sammon 14th Feb - 11:20am
    It's a good point that the "fightback" can be seen as fighting back against the electorate, so whilst it was a good thing to begin...
  • User AvatarSimon Thorley 14th Feb - 11:09am
    @Brian Keith Fiske: there's also the question of the million pounds Bill Dixon magicked up to cover the shortfall for the new multi-storey car park...
  • User AvatarSimon Thorley 14th Feb - 11:06am
    @ Social Liberal: the main thrust of my argument isn't that volunteers should take up all of the slack where local authority cuts are made...
  • User AvatarRoland 14th Feb - 11:03am
    @Nick - I fully agree with your concerns, however, the problems the draft IPB is trying to address are not going to go away, hence...
  • User AvatarADRIAN sanders 14th Feb - 10:48am
    I've told people we put the interests of the country before those of the Party when entering a Coalition and given my prediction of where...
  • User AvatarJames 14th Feb - 10:40am
    We will have moved beyond `fightback` when we have a decent economic policy and when we've finally understood that Labour are there as a competitor...