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The ludicrous story of Northamptonshire’s new Police and Crime Commissioner

Across the country the controversial newly elected Police and Crime Commissioners are supposed to be getting down to business. The reality in several areas is that many are hitting the headlines for the wrong reasons, and nowhere is this truer than in the case of Adam Simmonds, the Northamptonshire PCC, who has stacked his new “sprawling” 17-person commission with his campaign staff.

The whole story is an ‘omnishambles’ – a toxic mixture of high farce, cronyism and arrogance potentially leading to an unacceptable politicisation of our police force.

First though, a little background. Mr Simmonds was the Conservative political assistant at Tory-run …

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  • User AvatarStephen Donnelly 27th May - 8:39pm
    Whilst no doubt some of the detail is debatable, your direction of travel is spot on. We need to move away from a party that...
  • User AvatarPsi 27th May - 8:37pm
    Matthew Huntbach "It’s not just down to luck, unless by “luck” you include being lucky with the parents you had." I don't agree most is...
  • User AvatarCharles Hamilton 27th May - 8:37pm
    @Joe Thorpe - given most of the electorate voted against the conservatives, he is more than within his rights to speak up. In fact it...
  • User AvatarLittle Jackie Paper 27th May - 8:36pm
    'What I believe is that if 16- and 17-year-olds were enfranchised, then we would interest ourselves in politics and we would open our eyes. I...
  • User AvatarMavarine Du-Marie 27th May - 8:36pm
    @Joe, how your many more fingers got so far we'd never know, for with just the few fingers, we can point you in the right...
  • User Avatarbob sayer 27th May - 8:32pm
    Joe:you mean the 24% of the electorate who voted Conservative with many not caring what the policies were but frightened of a Lab/SNP coalition
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