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LibDem International Office: Strengthening liberal democracies

GeorgiaAs an accredited party trainer I was intrigued to receive an email last week asking if I would like to provide some training for the  Republican Party in Georgia next month.

It took a moment to register that it was talking about the Georgia to the north of Turkey on the Black Sea and their Liberal party, not the one to the north of Florida and the GOP.

Now I have acted for the party in a similar capacity before, when I met the youthful members of the Liberal Democrat party in Serbia and tried to convince them that an election cannot be won entirely on the Web. Sadly I have a by-election to attend to next month so I will not be offering my services this time.

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    Internal exile used to exist here under Control Orders. When in January 2012 Control Orders were replaced with TPIMs (Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures) one...
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    Where is Nick Clegg? Has anyone seen him on TV, heard him on radio?