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Question Time – open thread, 28/05 #bbcqt

Question Time returns to its previous time slot of 2240 this evening, and the BBC website tells us the panel will be:

Europe Minister Caroline Flint, Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan, Lib Dem foreign affairs spokesperson Jo Swinson, Green Party leader Caroline Lucas, UKIP leader Nigel Farage, and French businessman Pierre-Yves Gerbeau.

In the last week before the European elections, the programme is billed as a Euro special from London.  If the politicos can avoid being booed off stage merely for being politicos, there are loads of interesting ways the debate can go.  Caroline vs Caroline; Greens vs Lib Dems on who has …

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  • User Avatarjedibeeftrix 2nd Sep - 9:33am
    Can we do the same for defence?
  • User AvatarMark 2nd Sep - 9:11am
    Welcome back!
  • User AvatarHugh p 2nd Sep - 8:41am
    Our leaders and their SPADS doubtless read LibDemVoice, so could one or other of them be kind enough to explain to us what this "statutory...
  • User AvatarJenny Barnes 2nd Sep - 8:23am
    Richard Dean " people can get locked into systems of thought through brainwashing and trauma while working for IS, and that the method of unlocking...
  • User Avatarmatt 2nd Sep - 8:12am
    Quite frankly. The thought of putting people on a statuary “deradicalisation programme”sends shivers up my spine. I believe if their is proof that someone has...
  • User AvatarKevin White 2nd Sep - 8:12am
    Well Clegg's tried to de-radicalise the Liberal Democrats so it's hardly surprising that he wants to extend the programme.