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Opinion: Prisoner voting rights

Prison fenceThis week, the Supreme Court is considering the legality of the Government’s ban on prisoner voting. A majority of MPs are set against even limited suffrage for prisoners. The idea makes David Cameron “physically sick” and Jack Straw believes “those who break the law cannot make the law.”

Many supporters advance the same perfectly sound arguments, particularly from a human rights perspective. But a strong, pragmatic case for full prison enfranchisement can also be made by assessing this most populist of policies against the aims of sentencing in the criminal …

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Opinion: Prisoner voting and the rule of law

Liberal Democrats have always been proud defenders of the rule of law. As our manifesto stated in 2010, the values of ‘fairness and the rule of law’ lie at the heart of our foreign policy. However, just as we call on other states such as Burma, Belarus and Zimbabwe to respect the rule of law, so we must be ever vigilant that there is no weakening of this fundamental principle at home. The Liberal Democrat policy on the Justice and Security Bill at conference in September was a powerful reminder to the leadership on how seriously we, as a party, take this issue.

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  • User AvatarDavid Evans 5th May - 11:06am
    My view is I wouldn't want us to go into coalition with anyone in 2015. Not for any ideological reasons, but simply the fact that...
  • User AvatarMatthew Huntbach 5th May - 11:05am
    The other practical issue is that after another 5 years of coalition with the Conservatives, it will be impossible to maintain a separate identity. People...
  • User AvatarMatthew Huntbach 5th May - 10:56am
    The case for the coalition in May 2010 was clear - it was the only stable government that could be formed, and it would have...
  • User AvatarTCO 5th May - 10:41am
    @Peter Mr Collins is a self declared Labour voter.
  • User AvatarTCO 5th May - 10:38am
    @bob sayer "Could I respectfully suggest , that those who will attend on behalf of constituencies to the special conference(if needed) should be summoned to...
  • User AvatarEddie Sammon 5th May - 10:36am
    The way I look at it is the Lib Dem manifesto came out firmly on the left, so being a centrist I would rather a...