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Nick Clegg’s son to go to state secondary school

It’s just been announced that Nick Clegg and Miriam Gonzalez Durantez have decided to send their son Antonio to a state Catholic secondary school. He’s been attending a Catholic Primary near his home.

Antonio will attend the London Oratory school. Nick and Miriam expressed the wish that now their decision has been made public, the privacy of their son will be respected.

Nick has previously said that he doesn’t believe in God, but his wife Miriam is a practising Catholic. He recently said:

I’ve never made my kids an issue in politics. My kids are more precious to me than anything else in

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  • User AvatarJennie 30th Jun - 4:39pm
    Well said Holly M, and various others. Let's not give away (another) USP. Let's not dilute ourselves to be inoffensive to people who will never...
  • User AvatarJennie 30th Jun - 4:34pm
  • User AvatarNick 30th Jun - 4:17pm
    Something I've noticed over the past few days is the revival of one of our worst tendencies - the desire to not offend anyone with...
  • User AvatarMatt (Bristol) 30th Jun - 4:13pm
    We do need to be aware that not all the concerns of the so-called '52' are about immigration. Lack of democratic response by governments elected...
  • User AvatarDavid Evershed 30th Jun - 4:05pm
    An excellent way forwad set out by Vince Cable. The Lib Dems should adopt this as official policy. My only suggestion is to change the...
  • User AvatarChris Davies 30th Jun - 4:03pm
    Just a point or two on immigration... Immigration will continue I think so long as there are jobs that need doing. The way to stop...