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Opinion: 2013 – Time to think afresh about International Development?

Lynne Featherstone in Zambia. Photo:  some rights reserved by DFID http://www.flickr.com/photos/dfid/8220719712/Another year, another set of attacks on development aid in the right-wing press. Prompted by a spectacularly ill-informed paper from Civitas, the Telegraph, Mail and Spectator tried once again to argue, without evidence, that high proportions of British aid are wasted.

The truth is that, under the Coalition, far more attention has been paid to value for money in aid spending than ever before. What is more, there’s little need to speculate about where

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  • User AvatarDavid Evans 26th Nov - 9:54am
    Stewart, but the Green Party's websites do refer to " Green-led Brighton Council", " councils across the country, such as Green Brighton", and "Brighton and...
  • User AvatarD McKay 26th Nov - 9:54am
    *Sorry should read 'lot worse' above. My kindgom for an edit button!
  • User Avatarpaul barker 26th Nov - 9:54am
    I cant agree with Nick on this, Free Movement should mean the same rules for everybody.
  • User AvatarD McKay 26th Nov - 9:53am
    Is benefit tourism a real problem though? How much do our current rules cost us in benefit tourism and how much do these proposed changes...
  • User Avatarmalc 26th Nov - 9:41am
    Paul Walter "they each established a “footprint” in the wider media." In this ladies case it really is a tiny footprint. Not trying to be...
  • User AvatarDavid Evans 26th Nov - 9:35am
    @Paul Barker. Well done for contacting the police. However, based on what they told you (i.e. Reasonable Chastisement), I would suggest that you need to...