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Missing elections? Here’s 3 more chances to help in a by-election

I really like helping in by-elections, large and small.

I love the buzz of campaigning with others from around the country. I love the knowledge that I’m making a real difference in a campaign that will be in the media spotlight. And by-election campaigns have taught me a lot: much that I know about campaigning has come from helping in them.

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Michael Beckett chosen to fight Rotherham for the Liberal Democrats

Michael Beckett has been chosen as the Lib Dem candidate to fight Rotherham in the parliamentary by-election later this month. He was chosen from a shortlist of candidates by local party members.

In his professional life, Michael Beckett has helped businesses in Yorkshire grow, and has a good understanding of the problems the economic situation is having on companies in the area. Also, as a former manager for the Citizens Advice Bureau, he has many years helping the most vulnerable individuals with their problems.

Michael says that …

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